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Best Tips and Tricks to Improve iPhone Battery Life

Just like any other phone, Apple’s iPhone battery life also degrades over time. The reason could be setting your screen’s brightness to full, constant use of Wi-Fi, etc. It might even die quickly if the battery itself has deteriorated over time.

Since a phone remains alongside a person all day, dying too quick is not an option. In some cases, even the latest software update doesn’t fix the problem. While facing such a situation, many people might turn away to hardware solutions that are also right. But before doing that, there are various tips and tricks you can try to improve the phone’s battery health. 

8 Useful Tips and Tricks to Improve iPhone Battery Life –

(iPhone Battery Replacement)

Since it’s simple to check the root cause of the faster drainage of the battery, you could do it yourself. Here are a few simple suggestions that worked for most people. Do give them a try!

  • Limit the apps using location services

Loads of apps have access to the location settings for privacy concerns. However, this accessibility can also be draining for your battery. If someone needs to check their location services, they can follow these steps:

  1. Jump into the Settings app
  2. Tap on Privacy
  3. Choose Location Services
  4. Go through the list and block out unnecessary applications

For each app, users have four options for location options. But not all four will necessarily be available based on what the app does. The following options are available to you: always allow while using the app, ask next time, and never.

Most of the apps in the list don’t even need location access to function ordinarily. Therefore, setting these apps to “Never” can reduce iPhone battery life drainage. 

  • Try low power mode

Constantly performing at maximum capacity can have a detrimental effect on a phone’s battery. Even though this battery-saving mode isn’t new, it’s still quite beneficial. With a simple toggle from the settings, this feature disables some visual effects, automatic downloads, background app refresh, the “Hey Siri” feature, email fetch, and auto-locks the phone. 

  • Cut down on auto-lock

When an iPhone’s screen is needlessly active, the battery health is bound to drop. As a result, the person may find themselves needing an iPhone Battery Replacement much sooner. When sitting idle, you can limit the time the screen doesn’t lock on inactivity. This option shuts the phone automatically whenever someone forgets to do it themselves. Thanks to a wide range of options, you can choose whatever is best. 

  • Update to the latest software

Older software sometimes has troublesome bugs that can badly impact iPhone batteries. Due to the upgrade, there are notable changes in how the phone’s hardware consumes the charge. On top of that, the apps get better optimization to run with the phone. Hence, a lesser portion of the battery worsens over time. If anyone wants to upgrade their phone to the latest software, all they need to do is check their mobile’s general settings. 

  • Decrease flashlight intensity

Similar to an iPhone’s screen, the flash reduces a lot of battery health as well. Since most of the newer Apple phones are already running the latest software versions, their owners will have four different flash brightness options. For anyone who’s a frequent flash user, a lower intensity is advisable. Prolonged usage on a higher power can also heat the phone’s body, indirectly damaging iPhone batteries. Using your phone’s 3D touch, press down on the flash icon and change the brightness level. 

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  • Don’t charge over-night

The biggest mistake that most of us usually make in our daily lives is to ‘over charge our cellphones’ while sleeping. Mobile phone developers have indeed optimized lithium-ion batteries to stop charging when they reach their maximum capacity. So, if a person thinks this makes it safe to leave their iPhone on charge overnight, they couldn’t be more wrong. Any smartphone plugged in overnight would keep dropping to 99%. Consequently, the battery would need a constant charge to go back up to 100%. However, the iPhone battery life can stay preserved if you choose to charge smartly. After all, quality over quantity couldn’t be more correct in this case. 

  • Turn off haptic feedback and vibrations

Apple’s Taptic Engine chip involves the physical motor when the iPhone vibrates or gives haptic feedback to an activity. Since this consumes more power, it might be better to disable these functions if you can survive without them. From the two main vibration settings, try disabling Vibrate on silent, Vibrate on ringing, or perhaps both. 

  • Get a replacement battery

If all else fails, hardware changes might be the solution. If anyone is still under warranty with Apple, they can try getting an iPhone Battery Replacement free of charge. However, the company doesn’t cover the expenses in most cases. If you know where to look, various online suppliers can provide batteries that are as good as the original. Taking the phone to a repair center may also be a bright idea. After all, many online suppliers can provide a decent enough battery replacement.

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How to Check iPhone Battery Health?

If you want to see which apps are draining the battery too fast, open settings>select battery>click battery health. You’ll see a list of the apps that are responsible for draining your iPhone’s battery life. Safari web browser consumes more battery in most cases, but yours might be different.


When it comes to preserving battery life, there are loads of ways for maintenance. Before jumping to a hardware fix, you should always try software solutions. In case these don’t work, opting for a battery replacement is the last resort. Nevertheless, top suppliers of Apple parts can provide the best replacement batteries to meet your needs.

Thank you for reading!

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