Best Way to Backup Office 365 Email as Performed by Experts

Why do Users only Want the Best way to Backup Office 365 Email?

Well, this is because an Office 365 account holds a lot of information about a user which should be kept safe at all costs.

Every Office 365 user knows that it is Microsoft’s cloud-based service that provides various functions and user-oriented services.

However, there comes a time when the need for backup arises. Even if there is no need or urgency at the moment, it is natural for most users to keep their data safe.

Large organizations especially prefer using Office 365 backup best practices but there are just so many that it is hard to understand which the perfect one is.

So, the main motive of this article is to provide you with the perfect solution using which you can easily create a backup of your Microsoft 365 data.

To avoid losing your data to threats like hacking, virus attacks, accidental deletion, etc. creating a backup is the best you can do. Saving data on local storage is the best option to access it anytime.

How? Let’s find out.

Which is the Best Way to Backup Office 365 Email?

Now, when exploring options, you might find a lot of techniques, a lot of solutions, but nobody knows which the best amongst them is.

Here, we will be explaining the most useful technique that any professional would suggest you consider.

This solution is the Office 365 Backup Tool provided by tech experts which is capable enough to export the emails from your account in bulk.

Download the emails from your mailbox without any trouble and in less time-span without change the structure of the folder.

One of Office 365 backup best practices is going for the expert’s choice to transfer the emails for backup.

Take a look at the steps of the tool.

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Steps to Create an Archive Via the Utility

  1. Once you launch the software, you have to choose the Source as Office 365 and Destination as Outlook in the Setup 


  2. Then, you can choose the categories you want to export data from and mark the Date-filter for the same in Workload Selection
  3. In the Source Window, enter the credentials for your Office 365 account. Validate it and hit
  4. The best way to backup Office 365 email allows you to set the size and the destination path in Outlook. Hit Next to move further.
  5. Now, select the desired option to add the mailbox accounts via Fetch Users or Import Users


  6. If you want, you can set priorities for certain mailboxes, Validate the group mapping of Source & Destination accounts & press Start Backup.

After the first process, you can use the Delta Backup option to scan your mailbox again and export any newly arrived email only.

Smart Features of the Office 365 Backup Best Practices

  • Save the emails as backup on the desired location in the system
  • Option to download emails in bulk or batch in a single shot
  • Export data from items like Emails, Contacts, Calendars, etc.
  • Allows to download data selectively by applying Date-filter
  • Make the process speedy with the help of Concurrent Backup
  • Keep the folder structure the same via Maintain Folder Hierarchy
  • Naming Convention option to save data like Subject, Subject + Date
  • Re-run Full Backup procedure or Retry Failed Items if so required

Is Manual Method Also the Best Way to Backup Office 365 Email?

For those users who do not have the technical expertise and/or are not inclined towards the technicality portion, manually performing a backup is not the best option.

The manual method that we are describing here makes use of the Content Search eDiscovery Tool of Office 365.

Following are the steps for it:

  1. First of all, you have to log in to your Office 365 account with admin credentials.
  2. Open the Admin Center and edit the eDiscovery administration to make it available to see if the is one of Office 365 backup best practices.
  3. Then, click on the Search option in the left pane and hit Content Search
  4. Start a new search by clicking on the New Search option in the Content Search
  5. Give a name and description for the new search and press the Next
  6. Select the location or search the mailboxes that you want to create a backup of and hit Next. Filter the mailboxes if needed and hit Start Export.
  7. When the process is completed, download the results on your local storage and the data will be saved in Outlook data file format i.e. PST.

If you are looking to perform Office 365 tenant to tenant migration in easy steps then check it out.

Manual Method is Not the Best Way to Backup Office 365 Email – Why?

  • It may take a lot longer than expected while creating a backup of the data using the manual method. Hence, time-consuming procedure.
  • At times, it fails to backup selective data files including emails, contacts, or calendars.
  • Technical knowledge is necessary to perform this procedure which is why novice users cannot successfully apply this method.
  • The high risk of data being altered is there with no guarantee of error-free and complete backup.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that everybody wants only the best way to backup Office 365 email but nobody has a clue which one to choose. With the help of the methods explained in this guide, you can now understand which is the best and which is not.

The software is known to be the perfect one because of all the ways it makes the procedure simple and painless, unlike the manual solution.

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