Best Wifi Ink Tank Printer Under 10000

Finding the right printer for yourself can be a difficult task and that too when you are on a tight budget but do not worry because we will help you find the Best wifi ink tank printer under 10000. However, there are many brands in the market available for the customer but you should keep the following things in mind while buying a printer for yourself:

  • Customer reviews
  • Availability on different portals and offline stores
  • Technology and latest features
  • Cost and reliability


Printers that come with a facility of refilling the ink tank as they get empty area known as ink tank printers. This is a special facility available where instead of replacing the whole cartridge and installing a new one you can refill the cartridge and carry on with your work. Special ink bottles are available in the market. This will save you both cost and time.

Now if we talk about the Best wifi ink tank printer under 10000 we can consider purchasing an HP Ink Tank 316 AiO Printer. This product has been reviewed and mentioned as the best printer by almost every website ranking on the Google platform. These websites are the major websites on the search engine whose recommendations can be considered without any second thought.


Features of wifi ink tank printer under 10000

  • All in one- print, copy, and scan
  • Speed- 8 black and white pages per minute and 5 color pages per minute
  • Reduced cost to 10 paisa/ black and white page and 18 paise/ color page
  • Less power consumption
  • Hassle-free printing

However, it does not support Wi-Fi connectivity but is a very compact-sized printer that is ideal to be used in the home as well as the office.

Now you would like to know the difference between ink tank printer and regular printer so there are no major differences but if you are a person who uses printer on a regular basis then you should definitely buy ink tank printer, while if you are not a regular user then you should go for a regular printer.

The next difference is the type of document. If your work involves printing black and white documents only then a normal printer would be good enough but if you need to print color pages then an ink tank is best because they can hold a lot of ink at a time and also color page cost reduces.

Printing using an ink tank printer can be sometimes hectic also because you need to pour the ink cautiously in the cartridge. You need to make sure that air bubbles do not form inside the cartridge because they will disrupt the printing function. Also, you need to keep your printer clean like the parts- print head and nozzles. If these parts are not clear then they will either stop the printing process or over time the quality will deteriorate.

Besides all this, if you properly take care of your device and maintain it then this will be the best option to go for in the market.

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