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Binance App Clone

A Brief About Binance Exchange

Currently, one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in the world is Binance. In a sector where there is a lot of competition, Binance has managed to excel to become a reference point for many investors.

Without the slightest shadow of a doubt, we believe that the Binance exchange is currently the safest and most reliable exchange to operate with cryptocurrencies.

It has been estimated that several billion dollars are traded on its platform in an average period of 24 hours. It is a very important company, it even has its own digital currency, the Binance Coin (BNB), which of course can be bought and exchanged within the platform itself.

With our article, you will find out how Binance App Clone works, and its main features.

What is Binance App Clone

What is Binance App Clone?

A ready & tested, Binance app clone for people over iOS/Android with a web-based admin panel. Our white-label Binance app helped many startups, entrepreneurs, and companies gain visibility and increase their company value & revenue.

Our Binance Exchange Clone App has undergone a complete testing process and is entirely designed based upon cybersecurity guidelines so that the mobile built using Radindev’s Binance app clone assurances top-notch security and remains un-hackable. The fantastic thing about our script is that Customization business people can customize this script based on their own business requirements and stand out in the crowd of competitors.

Benefits of using clone app

  • Scalable and Customizable
  • Quick Launch
  • Low Cost
  • High Success Rate

Why Choose Binance App Clone?

  • Strong security
  • Low downtimes
  • Over $37 billion in daily trading volume
  • Most coins available
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Opportunity to invest with a credit card
  • Opportunity to invest with a wire transfer
  • Live chats in many languages
  • Forward Transactions
  • Sweepstakes
  • Fast actions
  • Low Commission
  • Authentication using biometrics
  • The Approval Process is short
  • Having offices everywhere
  • Easy to use
  • Stunning UI/UX design
  • Inbuilt wallet


4 Easy Steps to Launch a Binance App Clone

  • Examine a pre-built, white-label, and tested Binance App Clone from a trusted company.
  • Get the consultation from experienced clone app providers.
  • Start Customized Cryptocurrency Trading Application Like Binance
  • We will take care of all your installations, updates, and maintenance. 

Security Features of Our Binance Exchange App Clone

  • Multi coins and multi-language support
  • DDoS protection method
  • KYC/AML process
  • Secured Admin Panel
  • Android / IOS Development
  • Fast and quick response to the transaction, receive a notification popup
  • Payment Gateway Integrations and a lot more
  • Multiple security layers

Features of Our Binance App Clone

  • Supports many cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • You can access it anywhere at any time
  • Time Out Session
  • Fingerprint Unlocking
  • In-app authentication
  • Advanced UI/UX
  • live chat with traders
  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Multi-language support
  • You can get 24/7 instant technical and customer support
  • User feedback

Start Your Own Crypto Exchange App Like Binance 

About Radindev- Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

Radindev is one of the best and leading cryptocurrency exchange website and app development solutions providers with trustworthy clients across the globe. Our customer-centric policies and strategies have helped us to grow rapidly within a short span of time. Radindev believes client satisfaction is a reward where everyone in the organization is highly motivated cryptos exchange-savvy people working for passion and providing support to new ideas.

Our team of technical experts is one of the highly skilled and experienced people who always take every client requirement as a challenge to provide the best solutions. We never treat our clients as a customer, we treat them as a partner to grow in their business. Which intact proof, Radindev is not only a service provider but a trusted business partner to all our clients.

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