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Non-core operations must be as efficient and lean as feasible. Companies of all sizes are increasingly turning to outsource teams to help them increase performance, safeguard compliance procedures, control costs, and give resource and skills flexibility. Outsourcing is a low-risk approach to expand into new geographic regions for firms wishing to expand. It limits your financial risk and allows you to access the exact talents and knowledge you require when you need them.

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Capital Markets:

Our customers will work with the same team members throughout the IPO process, and the entire process will be monitored by the Partner to ensure quality control criteria are followed throughout the engagement. Each engagement is approached with a “hands-on” approach by the partner allocated to your engagement.

For the company and its stakeholders, the initial public offering (IPO) represents a significant milestone. We will collaborate with you to analyze the company’s readiness to go public. This involves being prepared in terms of the business concept, financial figures, and having a public company attitude.

Business & Equity Valuation:

It’s for both an art and a science to performing business valuation services. It entails taking into account a variety of criteria, including the subject company’s management, business strategy, industry, peer performance, stage in its life cycle, and capital sources. It also entails subjective modifications depending on the risk and returns profile of the relevant firm, as well as discounts and premiums such as marketability discount, control premium, and minority discount, where applicable.

Financial reporting, tax, strategic planning, M&A, fundraising, new and existing shareholders, linked party transactions, disputes & litigation, and other considerations may necessitate business, equity/share values.

Valuation of Intellectual Property:

A non-monetary asset having no physical substance is known as an intangible asset. Intangible assets include goodwill, customer contracts and relationships, software, brand name, and intellectual property (IP). Such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.  Fundraising, strategic goals, litigation, PPA, impairment testing, and tax compliance are all reasons why companies need intangible assets or IP value.

Valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property (IP) is a subjective, difficult, and specialized field. When it comes to pricing such assets, there are many variables to consider. It’s vital to remember that each intangible asset/IP is unique, therefore a valuation process that works in one example could not work or be incorrect in another.

Equipment Valuation:

Valuation of real estate or land can be difficult, especially when the assets involved are unique and transactions are uncommon. Business Valuation services include hotels, resorts, islands, and different forms of infrastructure assets in markets ranging from the Philippines to the Maldives.

We give both intangible assets and tangible asset assessments in areas such as PPA and impairment assessment. Plant and equipment (P&M) valuation services are also available for bank reasons, M&A, and compliance.

Litigation Assistance:

Commercial litigation actions including breach of contract, employment issues, personal harm or tragedy, intellectual property. And a variety of other disputes and claims may include economic or monetary damages.

Financial Analysis:

In a spreadsheet, financial modeling entails creating a logically constructed, mathematically precise representation of financial and business data. A financial model is a representation of a firm, share/investment, project, or financial asset’s performance and investment or value outcome.

Derivatives Valuation:

We appraise securities or financial instruments issued in connection with acquisitions and capital raising. Such as convertible notes/bonds, warrants futures, and swaps, as well as share-based compensation. Such as employee stock options (ESOPs) or restricted share units (RSUs), that require a valuation for financial reporting, tax, or other purposes. To give solutions to our clients, their auditors, and advisers. We mix financial reporting standards, tax compliance, valuation methodology, financial modeling, and current high-performance computers.


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