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Busting 5 Myths About Web Development

Web Development is not easy. Be it a new business or a matured business, you should have faced many challenges while setting up your business website. With flourishing digitisation and growing user demands, these challenges have increased more than ever.

In addition, another aspect that makes the job more challenging is if you are working with many wrong assumptions and notions. To be precise, you should know all common myths regarding web development to make your web development successful.

Here we discuss some of the myths that you should avoid to make your job easier and smoother.

Myth 1: A Larger Team Generates Good Results

If you think that larger teams always yield good results, you will be wrong. The big thing that matters most is the technical ability that your members should have. Even if the team size is smaller, but it has the necessary expertise and skills, you will also get great results. But, as a team leader, you have to be very friendly towards your team members who are excellent at their skills so that they can provide the best web development services and all the strategies can be executed with much ease.

In contrast, a team of larger size can fragment more often, has poor communication among its members, and face a lack of accountability. Thus, adding more individuals to a web developing team may not be very productive and fruitful. In short, a small and highly efficient team that has the perfect balance of skills and a common mindset will always yield you more valuable results than a team of larger size that gives rise to clashes and dissimilarities.

Myth 2: The More Attractive Your Website Is, The More Traffic You Get

If you get in touch with a web designing company, there may be a chance that their designers will tell you to have an attractive and good-looking website because it will drive more traffic. However, driving traffic is not because of the look of the website.

Additional factors drive traffic to a website, including an appropriate domain name, keyword integration, quality content, overall user-friendliness, and hosting service provider quality. You have to focus on each element to create a solid website to generate leads and traffic. According to statistics, 75% of website users make their opinion about a business company by looking at the overall aesthetics.

Myth 3: If You Add More Features, You Can Make A Successful Website

Many people think that if they add more and more catchy features, it will increase conversions. But, it is also not pretty accurate. Adding unnecessary features will result in a reduction in clarity and confusion among the users. Redundant and unnecessary features will make the users experience trouble, and thus it will damage your website traffic.

According to statistics, 88% of users do not usually return to a website if the user experience (UX) design is flawed. Thus, you should make your website clean, simple, and filled with fewer yet valuable features that can offer your users an excellent experience.

Myth 4: Not All Websites Have To Be Mobile-Optimised

More people are now using mobile and other handheld devices for various purposes. So, it is essential to create a web design that will be supported in the mobile also. It should have clear call-to-action buttons, an intuitive interface, an intuitive interface, and beneficial forms. If the website is mobile-responsive, mobile users can read and explore it with minimum resizing and scrolling, and thus the process will become smoother for them. As per reports, 62% of companies that made investments to make mobile-optimised web designs had experienced major sales’ rise.

On the other end, on a non-responsive website, mobile users will have to zoom in to read texts and zoom out for a complete page view. If this thing happens, you will soon start losing users.

Myth 5: If The Website Is Live, The Web Development Work Is Done

When a digital marketing Perth company creates the website for you and goes live, it gives much relief and happiness. But, you should never forget that there are still more jobs left to do. Once the website is live, you have to ensure that different aspects like product information, services, client feedback, security extensions, new client feedback, and the available content are updated.

Technology is flourishing every day, and to keep up with the situation, you have to keep yourself updated. Search ranks for a less updated website will not be very impressive. It will be even better to redesign the website with new concepts and layouts every 2 to 3 years. Audiences remain more engaged with an updated site.

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Final Words

As technology is flourishing, there will always be various assumptions and notions. But, you must be very cautious about choosing the right one. So, whenever you approach a company offering web development services, you should not forget these five myths discussed here.

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