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California DUI Defense Attorneys

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases in California are rarely hopeless cases. Police officers make mistakes in roadside investigations. Breathalyzers and blood tests are prone to failure. Medical conditions cause blood alcohol readings to be falsely high. DUI defense lawyers who are efficient at their jobs prioritize these issues to win cases.

Most people arrested for drunk driving in California assume the evidence against them is overwhelming.

Most are wrong

Fighting a DUI case almost always makes more sense than simply admitting your guilt. For example, did you know that…

Can over 100 interfering substances, medical conditions, and equipment failures cause DUI ventilators to falsely generate high readings?

DUI blood tests are prone to failure. When we retest blood samples from clients in independent labs, we often get different results…

Police officers must follow a set of standard procedures in DUI roadside investigations… and very few do?

Our team of DUI lawyers consists of former drunk driving prosecutors, former DUI officers and former police toxicologists. We advocate for clients statewide including San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, San Diego, and Orange.

Regardless of the type of case, we visit the site, investigate the officers who have detained him from his training and history, we repeat the analysis of the blood samples, we examine the ventilators and ‘the interview history, order of appearance and interview agents live DMV-auditions and deconstructs the case to find questions and issues that can lead to a successful DUI defense.

If you have been arrested for DUI Defense, we invite you to participate in a case analysis with a California DUI Defense attorney. We will start by knowing everything that happened before, during and after the arrest. We give you our honest opinion on the likelihood of a settlement in court and at the DMV. (Department of Motor Vehicles)

In the rest of this page we will discuss the process of court arrest for a DUI in California…

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DUI arrest

Most DUI arrests in California begin with a traffic stop or a checkpoint. The officer asks you to perform a series of field sobriety tests and to breathe twice into a portable respirator. After the arrest, the police will usually ask you to take a blood or breath test at the police station, prison or hospital (it is required by law to take this test … rejection of the chemical test can result in severe penalties for DUI in California and one year suspension of driver’s license).

For most DUI arrest charges, the police will release you within hours of your arrest and the completion of your war shooting (but in the event of a criminal DUI or accident, you may need to send a caution). After your release, you will receive two documents: a subpoena and a temporary pink permit. The police usually take your California driver’s license and send it to the DMV. If you are not a resident of the state and you get a DUI in California, the police here cannot take your physical license.

The DMV process

You must contact the DMV within ten days of your arrest to request a hearing. Otherwise, you will lose your right to a hearing and your license will be automatically suspended after 30 days. If you hire a California DUI lawyer, he / she may ask to be heard for you. It’s usually best this way because your lawyer can often schedule the hearing for a later date (which gives you more time to prepare) and can sometimes assign the DMV hearing consultant assigned to the case.

For example, we may request calibration and maintenance records for respirators, which often reveal a history of malfunction and inaccurate readings. We may also request that the police officer who detained you testify at the DMV hearing… and unlawful testimony about his poor DUI training and errors in the investigation.

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