Can You Use VPN To Connect To WIFI Anywhere?

Traveling with electronic gadgets is no longer considered a luxury. Whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, our smartphones and laptops go with us. Before we proceed, it looks like we’re missing something. Oh, right. A high-speed and stable internet connection. Some of us will buy Optimum packages to eliminate any internet connectivity concerns. Others will opt for the easy way, the free Wi-Fi way.

Free Wi-Fi is pretty much available everywhere. Restaurants, coffee shops, hostels, you name it. Most of us even use it without realizing the risks that come with an “open network”. Public Wi-Fi is not limited to a single user. Sometimes they are in thousands. This can expose data to potential computer criminals. The innumerable safety concerns lead to another question. How to get a free Wi-Fi connection without risking privacy invasion?

Get a VPN

VPN or virtual private network allows users to bypass network resources that may otherwise be inaccessible from the public internet platform. The use of VPN has evolved over the years. VPNs were originally designed for large corporations. Nowadays, netizens use it to remain anonymous during web browsing and to secure access to free Wi-Fi.

How to get access to Wi-Fi through VPN?

A VPN lets you exploit the existing loopholes in a Wi-Fi network. ICMP, DNS, and Host Header are some of the most common loopholes that you can exploit to connect to Wi-Fi.

ICMP or PING as it is commonly referred to is used to diagnose network problems. To see if you can obtain free Wi-Fi access, type ping followed by the name of the website you wish to reach in your command prompt box. Successful ping replies mean that you can use an ICMP protocol-enabled VPN to access the internet free of cost.

Network administrators use DNS to translate domain names to IP addresses. Most firewalls do not place restrictions on DNS requests. DNS servers were designed to eliminate the need for memorizing IP addresses. In case of limited internet connection or unavailability of data plans, you can configure your VPN settings to connect to Port 53 and use free internet.

Host Header exploit works with TCP VPN connections. You can create a custom HTTP header with your TCP VPN utility. This mostly works in cases where you are authorized by your internet service provider (ISP) to browse certain websites for free. The VPN tricks your ISP into thinking that you are establishing a connection to the free website.

You can use open port numbers ranging from 1 to 65535. UDP port 9200 is a good example. Tech-savvy users use said port number to enable WAP Connectionless Wireless Session Protocol (WSP). The VPN you use is bound to the port number (local) or bind port number. There are occasions when ISPs only consider UDP/TCP packets with specific source and destination ports.

What are the features you should be looking for in a VPN connection?

It can be difficult to pick one from so many different types. Make sure you download the VPN that offers a wide range of benefits. Important features include ease of use, acceptable speeds, compatibility with multiple devices, and auto connectivity. The latter is important in cases where you have to deal with unreliable internet connections.

Good VPN connections can work in different countries. Remember, each VPN comes with a different design and configuration. Some are easier to block. Others are extremely sophisticated. Look for VPNs with favorable reviews. VPNs that work in China are seen to work anywhere else as well. Beijing is known for its tough internet measures and has some of the best takedown methods. If a VPN service gets through China undetected, it can get through other countries, too.

What are the best VPN services?

A good VPN connection provides security to its users without affecting browsing speed. Here are some of the best services you should definitely try.

  • ProtonVPN
  • Windscribe
  • Hotspot Shield
  • TunnelBear
  • Speedify
  • ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN review is an excellent VPN service, boasting a massive global footprint and excellent privacy practices to protect your information. A visual refresh of ExpressVPN has revitalized its apps, but it’s expensive and not as packed with features as competitors that are similarly priced, or even cheaper.

You can build a free Wi-Fi network connection for yourself with the help of a VPN. Paid-for VPN services offer more benefits than their ad-free versions. They are perhaps the best way to bypass restricted access. So, the next time you go on a trip, make sure you keep a related service on your smartphone. It’ll come in handy.

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