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Casino Payment Gateway for Getting Payment Processing Solution for the Casino Industry

More and more people are joining online platforms, then why not your business. Several industries have joined the e-commerce platform and earning significant revenue. The casino industry is also one of them. The online casino industry is expanding with every passing day. Casino merchants are getting casino payment gateway solution immense profit and a robust customer base for their business with the help of the c-commerce platform.

As per reports, the casino market had been sized USD 53.7 billion in 2019 and expected to reach a CAGR of 11.5%. The online casino market is expanding rapidly, and with it, the need for a Casino Merchant Account is also getting in demand.

But, things are not that easy while looking for a merchant account for a casino merchant. There are various obstacles in the path of getting approval for a merchant account. But, as always said, there is always a solution. You just need to look closely.

So, let’s discuss the barriers and solution for getting a merchant account for the casino industry.

Why is the casino industry considered a high-risk industry?

Due to various reasons, the casino industry is classified as a high-risk industry by most banks. Below, we have listed them:

  1. The casino industry is categorized to present a higher risk to the underwriters. So, it is deemed to be a high-risk business.
  2. While we can see casino industry is very well regulated and organized today, some financial institutes and banks still believe that certain threats exist. They will preferably become more up-to-date with the industry and more trusting online casino service providers in time.
  3. The casino industry is apt to high chargeback and refund rates and increases the chances of risk the processor may incur when processing credit card payments.
  4. Their higher turnover is also a concern for the payment processors.
  5. Credit card processors often terminate the casino merchant account when a business fails to keep a low chargeback ratio. Processors do not want to take responsibility for any amount that the casino platform cannot cover.
  6. Many casino merchants operate offshore, and there are particular concerns over the incidence of money laundering and fraud.

It doesn’t mean that a casino merchant will not get a payment processing service for his business. There is still a solution named high-risk payment processing to get the payment processing service for the casino merchants.

Why should you choose Amald?

Amald is a one-stop solution that you need for everything to start accepting payments from your customers. We support setting up a merchant account within the shortest period well suited to your business.

You can pick from various integration options and stop worrying about security. Also, we are well aware of frauds and other threat. As a result, we protect you from fraudulent transactions and chargeback to ensure that you can operate for a long time without facing any obstacles with your acquiring bank.

Merchants get the ability to process the payment in diverse currencies with our Casino Merchant Account. They can offer to their customers to pay in their desired currencies like the dollar, pound, euro, etc.

Our payment gateway comes with PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance and the option to choose between 3D and non-3D security.

Plus, we offer recurring billing so that you and your customers can enjoy more convenience.

Benefits you get casino payment gateway with Amald

  • Multiple payment modes
  • High-risk payment gateway integration
  • Coinage solution
  • Credit card processing
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance
  • Chargeback management
  • Fraud protection tools
  • 24*7 customer support


Offshore solution 

Having an offshore payment processing solution becomes essential for a merchant when expanding his business or promoting his product or service to the global market. It supports them to process their international payments without any hurdle.

Amald offers an offshore merchant account to casino merchants to deal with their global customers. Additionally, it provides international payment gateway integration with their websites for smooth international transactions.

Our offshore solution comes with a comprehensive solution for the merchants to explore the global market.


No doubt, the casino industry is rising in a fastening mode with every passing day after the evolution of the e-commerce industry. It has changed the way to deal, earn a profit, and business entirely for a merchant.

E-commerce and smart devices have opened a new door for merchants to expand their services with significantly fewer efforts. All they need is a website. With a website, they can easily show their presence in the market 24*7 and invite more and more customers to their business.

Amald makes it easy and convenient for the merchants to provide a convenient payment processing service to their customer with its Casino Merchant Account. Plus, our feature-risk and highly secured payment gateway support you in providing a safe payment experience to your customers.

To know more about Casino Payment Gateway with 2D Payment Gateway by Amald, connect with our team of experts right now.

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