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CDSCO Registration: To import cosmetic products in India

Importing cosmetic products in India has become a lucrative business since people realized that in the case of ways to look beautiful, grass is indeed greener on the other side.

Foreign cosmetic products are increasing their invasion on India and the government wants to promote it, albeit in a controlled fashion. Thus if you wish to import them in India, you’d need certain government approvals.

The most important among those approvals is the CDSCO registration.

What is CDSCO Registration?

CDSCO Registration is the authorization issued by the Central Drug standard Control Organization for the manufacturers and importers of drugs, medical products and cosmetic products. To issue the respective certification, this organization:

  1. Accepts the application of CDSCO registration
  2. Tests the products in its labs
  3. And issues the certification if the product meets the regulatory standards.

How to get CDSCO approval?

If you wish to obtain the CDSCO approval, you’d need to follow the following steps:

  1. First, you need to find an organization who can act as your authorized representative. They will be responsible for conducting all the tasks necessary to obtain CDSCO Certificate.
  2. Then, you’ll file the application of CDSCO registration online.
  3. Then, you’ll take a printout of the said application, attach with the prescribed list of documents and mail it to the CDSCO for further processing.
  4. After your application is assess and it’s found that there are no issues, your product will go through the organization’s in-house testing protocol.
  5. If the products meet the regulatory standards of CDSCO, you’ll be issue a CDSCO certificate.

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Two things that you need to focus on here:

  1. Prescribed documents, and
  2. The regulatory standards

The prescribed documents for CDSCO registration entail the following:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Product label
  3. A document containing the ingredient list
  4. A document containing duly signed declarations signed by you.
  5. Testing report of the product.
  6. Free sale certificate issued by that country’s authority in which the product is manufacture.

The regulatory standards that a product must meet are as follows:

  1. The cosmetic product shouldn’t have any toxic chemicals beyond prescribed concentration
  2. The cosmetic product should be free from heavy metals
  3. No animals should have been harmed during product’s testing.
  4. The cosmetic shouldn’t contain any ingredient that’s not allow as per the CDSCO regulations.

Another certificate that you need for import of cosmetic product is the IEC code. Known as the Import Export Code, it’s issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade and Commerce. The procedure to obtain this code is as follows:

  1. File the application for IEC code via the online portal
  2. Submit the required documents. They are as follows:
    1. Certificate of incorporation
    2. MOA and AOA
    3. Type of product you want to import
    4. Other details that the DGFT can ask you as you fill the application form.
  3. The application will be assessed and if everything is found to be in order, you’ll obtain a unique IE registration number or IE Code.


To import cosmetics, you have to prove that the cosmetic product meets all the regulatory standards of India. If it does, you’ll obtain a CDSCO registration certificate. Read More: MSO License

Additionally, you’d need the official code to give you the right to import. That code is call the Import and export code. There are other certifications.

But to know about them, you must take your first step. Consult with Registrationwala when you’re ready to import cosmetics in India. 

How to import cosmetics product in India? You’d need government approvals to do so. This blog highlights how you can obtain both of them – CDSCO Registration & IEC code.

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