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If you have an electronics repair center, have a great passion for mobile devices, and want to run a profitable business, you have a great opportunity to start as a Cell Phone Repair Technician! The knowledge that you learn in this article will allow you to know everything you need in this new profession and to become a professional, over time you will be able to fix all the bugs that appear in smartphones. Clever? Go!

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Know the key components of a cell phone

As you prepare to become a cell phone repair technician, you will find that these devices are little computers that fit in the palm of your hand – yes! Actually the old and big computers that were made in WWII are your grandparents, this miniature version of computers has very small parts and a huge ability to do big calculations, which is why they can perform so many tasks. Incredibly true?

In order to practice this profession, it is very important that you know how to find all the parts of the mobile phone or smartphone. This way you can give your client a correct diagnosis and explain what the errors are. Mobile phones consist of:

1. Battery

Responsible for powering the whole device through this, the phone can be turned on and work properly.

2. Antenna

With this part, the mobile phone picks up, picks up and amplifies the signals transmitted through the mobile phone network.

3. Screen

In general, the screens are liquid crystals or LEDs, thanks to this interface the user decides what functions he wants to perform because it allows him to see all kinds of applications and tasks on the mobile.

4. Microphones and speakers

The part of the mobile phone that receives the voice and sounds emitted by the user or his environment allows us to listen to our contacts and consume multimedia files.

5. Additional components

There are various additional components inside the mobile phone, among which the most important are: WiFi antennas, GPS devices, sound recorders, memory cards, among other additions that promote operation and enhance the experience.

6. Connection and socket

This part is used to charge the battery and connect the headset so that it also acts as a data transmitter.

7. Modem

Creates the communication with the mobile network and takes care of the data connection, this part makes the difference between a simple mobile device and a smartphone.

8. Cameras and flash

Although these parts are built into smartphones, they are independent elements. Most modern cell phones generally have more than two cameras.

9. Buttons

They perform the functions of activate, deactivate, lock, unlock, return, volume control, among others.

10. Vibrator

A small motor that allows the vibration of the mobile.

How mobile phone hardware and software work

Like any computer, mobile devices are also made up of hardware and software, it may seem very simple, but it is important that you are familiar with the functions of each, that way you can identify the exact part where the damage is occurring. when performing the repair.

The characteristics that distinguish each of them are:

• Hardware in the mobile phone

It is the physical structure that shapes the cell phone or computer.
It consists of a number of electrical, electronic, electromechanical and mechanical components.
These components are wiring circuits, lighting circuits, plates, chains and other parts that make up its physical structure.

• Software (SW)

These are the computer programs that make it possible to perform the tasks performed by computers and mobile phones.
Most software is programmed in high level languages.

These two components always work hand in hand, when one of the two fails, it can affect the general operation of the equipment because the software performs the operations and the hardware is the physical channel through which they are performed; But when examining, always distinguish between the two components, because you need to identify where the error is, let’s see how you can make this diagnosis!

What a mobile phone repair course can do for you

Technical support: maintenance and repair

Smartphone and mobile phone technical support helps us to maintain or repair errors that occur in both the hardware and software of the device. Our main objective is to offer concrete solutions to our clients, for this we will offer two types of technical services:

1. Assistance for the maintenance of mobile phones

This type of service is carried out to avoid future more regrettable breakdowns, to achieve this it is necessary to clean all the parts of the mobile.

2. Corrective assistance

This service is carried out when a breakdown or breakdown occurs in the mobile phone that requires a one-time repair, sometimes you need a total change of the part or system, in others you can fix it with your tools.

Both types of support are essential to becoming a cell phone repair technician.

The main breakdowns and solutions that occur when repairing mobile phones.
As you prepare to become a cell phone repair technician, you must know how to deal with errors that occur. For this reason, we show you the most common reasons why customers seek technical service:

• Misuse of mobile equipment

It is usually caused by bumps or falls, depending on the severity of the damage, it can affect some essential components of the equipment. Sometimes this damage can be repaired, but if the fall is too heavy, it may not be repairable. To solve the problems, it is recommended to replace the affected parts with new ones.

•Scratched or cracked screen

Although in many cases it is possible to continue using the mobile phone, the blow reduces the aesthetics of the equipment and prevents the full view of the mobile phone screen, the most common solution to this problem is to change the screen. It is important to note that this type of work is the most common and profitable for cell phone repair technicians.

• Damage caused by water or humidity

This is also one of the most common reasons why a technical service is requested when it is presented, it must be assessed if the equipment has a solution, or on the contrary it is a total loss because internal humidity can cause a short circuit. Circuits and irreparable damages.

You can see that a piece of equipment has gotten wet by looking at the fluid contact indicators inside the unit, they turn from white to red when they come in contact with water. If the damage is minor, you can remove the corrosion and solve the problem with an ultrasonic disk.

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