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Change or Reset TurboTax Password- Complete Guide

TurboTax is a popular tax preparation programme for filing federal and state income tax returns. It is created by industry giant Intuit. Users of the application may access its basic capabilities without having to pay for them, while the premium edition of the programme offers all of its advanced features. The app provides a user-friendly design with choices for specifically specifying the various settings and functions of the programme.

The TurboTax programme occasionally has technical difficulties. Turbotax forgot password However, because it is a programme running on one of the supported operating systems, it is susceptible to malware, Trojan horse, and virus assaults. Additionally, human mistake, the app not fulfilling the minimal system requirements, and altering the app’s settings without understanding them may raise the likelihood of technical issues.

Have you recently had trouble accessing your TurboTax account because you can’t remember your password? Or perhaps the password you believe to be accurate is not recognized on the TurboTax sign-in screen, causing you to repeatedly encounter an invalid password error? So, if you’re having trouble with it as well, this manual will undoubtedly help. We will walk you through the proper steps to change turbotax password if you have forgotten it using this tutorial.

We’ve included the steps for changing your TurboTax password in this post because we believe it’s crucial for you to do so in order to make your accounts more secure and reduce the possibility of account hacking. Additionally, we’ll go over some additional relevant topics with you as well as the fundamental prerequisites that will assist you in creating strong passwords for your accounts. Let’s dive into this subject and discover how to retrieve a TurboTax account without further ado.

Procedure to change or Turbotax forgot password

You may either follow the instructions provided below to change your TurboTax account password or you can just go through the TurboTax password reset process:

  1. You must first be logged into your TurboTax/intuit account in order to start the procedure.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, choose your Intuit account.
  3. This ought to be situated directly above the “Sign Out” choice.
  4. In the future, you must choose the “Sign-in & security” option.
  5. Your user ID, password, and other data may all be changed from here with ease.
  6. Select “Edit” from the menu that appears next to your password.
  7. On this screen, choose a new password and fill out all the required information.

Make sure your new password satisfies TurboTax’s password requirements. Consult the next section if you are unclear about these specifications.

TurboTax Password Requirements

It would be wonderful if you set a strong and distinctive password because TurboTax contains some extremely important information about your money. Following the fundamental password criteria can aid you in choosing a strong password as well as in coming up with one that is appropriate for you. To learn more, see the list below:

  • should have 8 to 32 characters.
  • should only have one capital letter
  • Additionally, there should be one lowercase letter.
  • You need also to include one unique character.
  • Make sure your password does not contain any information about your birth or a phrase.

After understanding how to modify your TurboTax password, let’s examine how to modify your password again.

TurboTax account recovery- Resetting the account password

If you use TurboTax and are wondering, “How do I change my TurboTax account password?,” you are not alone. then you may proceed with the instructions below to create a new login password:

  1. You should visit the TurboTax sign-in page as soon as possible.
  2. Here, provide the phone number or email address you used to register.
  3. You must then select “Continue” from the menu.
  4. Choose the option to reset your password next.
  5. After you’ve followed the directions shown on-screen, create a new password.
  6. That is also how to change your TurboTax password.

How to change TurboTax account recovery phone number?

If you wish to modify any of your account data for your TurboTax account, you must carefully follow the instructions below:

  1. First, log into your TurboTax account.
  2. Choose the Intuit account you want to update your password for now.
  3. Next, navigate to the phone number section and then choose the corresponding “Edit” option.
  4. You may then select a new phone number for your account after that.
  5. Enter your password when requested, then save the modifications.

Why is TurboTax password reset not working?

If your TurboTax password does not appear to be functioning, you may be entering erroneous account verification information on the account recovery page. Simply navigate to the Turbotax forgot password, choose “I lost my User Id or Password,” and carefully follow the on-screen instructions to Change and reset your password. You can change your account’s password once you’ve logged in with the right information.

TurboTax Support

You can seek assistance through these methods if you are having problems with your programme or the TurboTax login process:

Support Articles

The support section’s help articles cover topics including installation advice, tax filing instructions, and other TurboTax software-related questions.


You may exchange ideas, views, and assistance by posting posts on the forums that are dedicated to the TurboTax programme. You may take part in conversations about software directly thanks to it.

Aid Videos

Videos in this section will teach a subject connected to the programme, give visual information, and show a procedure. Additionally, the support videos will help you understand the product better.

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Cross-platform App

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If you are aware of your account recovery information and have access to the account recovery phone number, changing or resetting your TurboTax password is a relatively simple process. However, you will never be able to recover your account if you forget the recovery information. Make sure you only recover your password using the official login website and not from anywhere else to avoid falling for any scams. Before choosing a new password, you should also take into account the minimal password requirements.

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