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Cheap Servers : How to choose UK based Cheap Servers?

Cheap servers help to retain and secure the data and information to an optimum limit. Getting a host for this purpose is better than taking care of data and servers at your own place. It is hard to upgrade the security and maintain a backup system on your own. Just let the host take care of your website and server in a perfect manner.

What to look for while choosing UK based cheap servers

It is quite a task to choose the best out of a massive number of servers. Obviously, it majorly depends on your business needs however the host quality also plays an immense role. There are some major things to consider while looking for cheap servers.

High speed: if the page is not loaded on time the site is of no use

Good scalability: the website should be able to manage many clients at a time without hindrance.

Reliable and trustworthy host: the host is responsible for your server security. The brand should be registered, and SSL certified.

Updated hardware and software security: technological advancement is necessary with each step forward. The host should develop with your business growth.  

Cost-effective: colocation lets you enjoy extraordinary services at a minimal rate. So at a low cost, you can enjoy optimum security.

Different types of racks availability: the rack sizes vary, you can have one depending on your need. The racks are protected by private suites.

24/7 customer support: at any point if the server is in a problem you can call, email, and video call the data center provider.

Enhanced automated backup system

SSD storage: with extraordinary storage space that will not hinder the speed is the best feature of colocation.

Highly monitored system

These are some of the major features, whereas many hosts provide an extraordinary number of specs that will amaze you.

Server colocation- A half rack facilitator

This is one of the cost-effective and highly demanded hosts for your servers. Enormous number of features and technologically advanced systems in the UK. Distinct services provided by the company include,

4u Hosting

1-5U colocation plans by server colocation have different services at different costs. These all plans are distinct in their specs and differentiate from each other. The 4U hosting includes 1Gb Network Port, biometric verification, KVM over IP, unlimited bandwidth and many more.

 Half Rack

Full, quarter and half rack facility is provided at different rates. The half rack colocation service is worthy for the initial business. With the 18U space of a cabinet, one can easily manage a lot of data without the hindrance of speed. Unmetered bandwidth and this amount of space make the half rack the best option.

Environment control system

A controlled physical environment that is eco-friendly makes the working of a data center perfect. Air conditioning, humidity control, and standard temperature control will keep your server safe.

Some other specs that you’ll enjoy with server colocation,

  •          A speedy system without page loading hindrance
  •         UK based data center
  •         High uptime
  •         Easy and flexible billing system
  •         5.0 AMPs Power
  •         8 Ipv4
  •         Highly digital locking system
  •         Disaster free location

Benefits of cheap servers colocation services in UK

 Backup facility

Off-site and on-site data backup provides tension free business. Although the hosts provide a secured environment, backup is still needed for any calamity or bad situation. In electricity breakdown or system crackdown, the automated backup will facilitate the previous data.

 Racks option

With various sizes of racks in colocation, you can easily have the colocation service as per your need. You don’t need to have a rack of 2oU for keeping small IT equipment. Private and more secured areas are also provided on demand.

Secure from disasters

The location of the hosts is usually away from disasters so that calamity may not strike the servers, like earthquakes, floods etc. But at any point, if something occurs colocation host have a backup system and enabled environmental control system.

 Fire sensor

The fire detection system enables more security for servers. The fire protection is specialized and waterless and uses inert gas to eliminate the fire.


Higher bandwidth, speed, power supply, dedicated IP, and many other such features make the server colocation better than keeping the servers at private local spaces that are at your home.

 Host and collocate

Many hosts along with colocation services provide hosting facilities. With such ease, you can enjoy controlled software and hardware. Just keep your hands off the petty issues and put full effort into preparing strategies for business.

Goodbye to cybercrime

With colocation, the chance of data theft and hacking of complete servers is mitigated. The host will take care of these issues in no time.


How much does a colocation server cost on average?

It varies from host to host and the features you need. If you need more features for your server it will cost more or else less. Just call your Colo UK or check their website, the information will be there.

What basically is server colocation?

Server colocation means collocating or placing your server in a data center provided by a host. The data center is a safer and more secure environment for your server.

What type of threat protection is included in colocation services?

The protection includes physical and software security. Environmental issues like humidity and temperature control systems are included. Also, cybercrimes and cyberattacks are stopped with the help of antiviruses and spam filters.

What is the rack in colocation?

The racks are like cupboards that keep the IT equipment. These racks are of different sizes and the unit to measure the racks is ‘U’. The colocation rack ranges to 2oU normally however it depends on your needs.


Scared of problematic server and temperature issues that may lead to server malfunctioning. If fed up with server connectivity issues and a slow network, just go for server colocation. The Colo host provides a nice environment that is safe for software and hardware, for your server. Let the host take care of all small to bigger issues and get free to manage other business problems on a larger scale.

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