Computer Processor Comparison: Intel Core i7 vs i5 (7th gen & 8th gen)

The processor is a logical electric circuit that responds to and processes primary instructions in a computer. It is an essential IC (Integrated Circuitry) chip in a computer system as it is accountable for interpreting computers commands. CPUs perform most basic logic, arithmetic, and I/O operations for other components and chips running in a computer.

Each type of CPU comes with specs, which allows advanced consumers to evaluate their capacities without trying them. If you consider the overall public opinion, there are chances that you are pointing to Intel’s microchips targeted at commerce and high-end customers. In other words, Intel is your go-to brand.

For a lot of consumers on the search for a new laptop PC or desktop, one of the significant attention is the type of CPU the system must-have. Two of the most critical processors that come into consideration in mainstream structures are; Intel Core i5 & Core i7. The decision can be a tough one as they both have a lot in common.  Following is the Computer Processor Comparison.

  • Performance Comparison

Intel Core processors are distinguished into performance levels, making it conceivable for the buyers to know which one they should buy.

  • Core i7 = High-end user
  • Core i5 = Mainstream user

Unlike Core i3 CPUs designed as a budget system, fast i5 CPUs are manufactured for additional power usage. Apart from its provision for daily practices such as creating MS office documents or browsing, Core i5 also works fine for heavy gaming, including using several applications at a time without facing freezing or glitches.

On the other hand, the Core i7 is even faster as it comes with improved graphics and is made for demanding tasks, including video editing, running high-end games, and audio rendering. With a decent amount of RAM, a notebook PC or laptop equipped with Core i7 CPUs allows you to run all the demanding tasks while permitting your download programs and windows to remain open, deprived of any risk of crashing.

  • Benchmark Results
Core i7 Core i5 Ultraportable Notebooks Average
HandBrake 17:19 18:28 20:21
Geekbench 4 13,995 13,179 12,941
Battery Life 10:49 10:51 9:06
3D Mark Ice Storm 83,684 78,801 78,827
Excel 1:09 1:12 1:28


  • Quad-core or Dual-core?

If we look into generations of Intel core i5 vs i7 Gaming processors, we can find that there exist quad-core and dual-core processors. Nowadays, processors are not made with a single core. With the advancement of technology, the addition of extra cores permitted the enhancement of CPU power so that there can be an increase in performance.

As far as the matter is concerned whether dual-core processors offer better performance or quad-core, there is a long debate on that. Quad-core processors need more energy to run & possess a complex algorithm if compared with dual-core processors. So, not all applications take full benefit of quad-core CPUs. The fact is that; the numeral of cores is not everything. Both Core i7 and i5 processors will let you enjoy good speeds.

  • Video Transcoding

On the HandBrake standard, which verifies how long it takes a system to encode a 6.27GB, 750 sec 4K video to 1080p resolution, the Core i5 took 18 minutes. On the other hand, the Core i7 did that in 17 minutes, putting a (6.1 %) gap among them.

  • Clock Speed Comparison

The frequency or clock speed of a processor tells you how quickly a processor can complete an activity or per second, how many commands it can process. The rates of clock speed are reported in GHz (Gigahertz). A processor with a 3.4 GHz clock speed will be enough for you if you want to juggle around with several tasks quickly on your computer. Presently, at 3.60 GHz, the i5-8600K is the Coffee Lake mobile CPU with the highest clock speed. The Core i7-8700K is faster, with a 3.70 GHz clock speed.

  • Battery Life

With excessive power comes significant power consumption. Both of the systems have been tested by continuously surfing the web with Wi-Fi by 150 nits (1cd/m2) of brightness. The i5 lasted 651 minutes. But, the Core i7 survived for 649 minutes, making an invisible 0.3 percent differentiation to the Core i5.

  • Cache Size Comparison

The size is important as the processor cache is used to access memory with speed. CPU cache assists with multitasking; so, the bigger the cache, the quicker a user can steer between his jobs back & forth.

  • Price Comparison

Following is a table comparing Intel Core i5 7400 vs i7 8th generation processors, their features, and prices.

Processor Price Frequency and Cache
i5-7267U $304 3.50 GHz, 4MB Cache
i5-8250U $297 3.40 GHz, 6MB Cache
i5-7287U $304 3.70 GHz, 4MB Cache
i5-8350U $297 3.60 GHz, 6MB Cache
i5-7200U $281 3.10 GHz, 3MB Cache
i5-8400 $182 – $187 4.00 GHz, 9MB Cache


Processor Price Frequency and Cache
i7-7700HQ $378 3.80 GHz, 6MB Cache
i7-8550U $409 4.00 GHz, 8MB Cache
i7-7820HQ $378 3.90 GHz, 8MB Cache
i7-8650U $409 4.20 GHz, 8MB Cache
i7-8700 $303 – $312 4.60 GHz, 12MB Cache


  • Turbo Boost Technology

Intel Turbo Boost tech permits processor cores to operate quicker than their standard frequencies. It performs as a provisional overclock that boosts the CPU’s clock speed. Temperature, current, and power levels are aspects taken into attention before the automatic start of this feature. Both of the processors (i5 and i7) support Turbo Boost. Between Intel’s 8th gen i5 processors, the 8600K stands out with a maximum Turbo Frequency at 3.60 GHz. On the other hand, all of Intel’s 8th gen i7 processors can get to 4 GHz in Turbo Boost mode.

  • Which Intel Processor Should You Get?

Though the Core i7 defeated the Core i5 fair & square, it was not really by much. Most of the time, the i7 is only 6 % faster in performance, which is quite disappointing when you consider the price variance. An only minute spared through video editing definitely is not worth the US $150 – $200. It may be of utility to you If you work in a field that wants you to run complicated programs all day.

Final Verdict

Core i7 processors provide you with the best power, speed, graphics, and overall performance. As they are so practical and advanced, they are also very costly. So, it is up to you to choose if you should go for Core i5 or Core i7.

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