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Copywriting Tips For A Product Launch

No matter what you offer, every product launch ultimately relies on few terms i.e., convince, convert visitors into customers, and generate sales. A good product copy is much more than just writing good verbose. You need to understand the target customer first – it’s actually essential to master human psychology.

Here I have condensed eight product page copywriting tips to help you launch your product successfully that can actually convince your target audience and generate sales.

Tip # 1: Set Yourself A Word Count

Researchers pointed that one can only listen to you for not more than 7 seconds to mark an impression. That’s a fact.

So, if you are really serious about making a first impression, set your word count so that reader doesn’t get frustrated with your copy. But how will you know the exact limit?

That’s simple… Browse your competitors, see their formats on web pages such as their ‘About Page,’ ‘Product Descriptions,’ and ‘Services writings.’ Get inspiration, make notes, and create your unique copy.

Tip # 2: Put Your Audience First

Whatever you’ve got to say about your business, is never important to your audience.

All your audience wants to read in your descriptions is ‘The Benefits They Can Have By Choosing Your Product.’

To achieve this, check your copy for any jargon. Be careful not to reference terms that might not be widely understood casually. Never try to promote your brand, but your product.

Always write down the goal of each piece of copy you write and always measure your words against this aim.

Tip # 3: Incorporate Emotions To Instigate Actions

Why so? Because emotion sells! That’s a real trick.

No matter which product you want to sell, it’s usually purchased because of how the customer feels about your product, what they will do with the product and how your product will benefit them.

So customers make purchases based on their logic. Since emotions instigate sales, copywriting has to evoke their emotions to help to form sense.

How will you do that?

Address problems your product can solve, add descriptions, show empathy to your audience with your writing structure, and most importantly talk about benefits – not features.

Tip # 4: Tell An Inspirational Story

Being human, we are hard-wired to inspirational stories. From fairytales as a kid through to fiction and books in our adult lives, stories play a huge part in our lives. We’re attracted to them.

Corporate storytelling increases traffic, establishes memorable brands, and turns visitors into customers, repeat clients.

To tell a story, identify the main characters within your subject matter. Not actual, but something that could address your product. For instance, if you’re selling surface cleaners, then grime is the enemy.

Move the reader along a journey. Create the sense that you’ll help them overcome a challenge and discover something new and valuable.

Tip # 5: Master The Punctuations

Appealing copywriting has a rhythm. There’s much more to do to create copy that flows winsomely than you might think. Clever use of punctuation plays a massive role in effective copywriting.

Punctuation was firstly incorporate hundreds of years ago by writers in ancient Greece. They’ve used various notations and marks to help famous orators deliver their speeches properly.

Actually, mastering punctuation in the sense of controlling readers can be achieved with just a few ground rules. Like, don’t overuse the comma and exclamation marks.

Don’t write too long paragraphs. Try to stick to one point within per paragraph and so on.

Tip # 6: Stand Out With Subheadings

Understand how people read digital copy. People scan websites before they make any purchase. They’re subconsciously looking into words, phrases, or images – whatever builds interest for them or catches their eye.

So break long pieces of copy into manageable chunks and insert sub-headings to introduce each section, bold them and assign tags (such as h2 or h3).

Tip # 7: Weed Out All Spelling Errors

You should proofread your content before publication because perception is reality, and there’s nothing worse than sloppy copywriting.

Today, customers have all the power, and knowledge, and with plenty of competitors just a quick click away, that’s terrible news if you’re spelling isn’t up to scratch.

Business is all about trust, longevity, and credibility. A single error can wreak havoc on your product’s sales, so be vigilant and hunt out any mistakes.

It is advised to never rely on a spell-checker. Use one but don’t leave things there.

Tip # 8: Be Authentic, Honest, And Trustworthy

It’s effortless to knock up a website and start selling stuff, but it’s surprisingly challenging to get someone to pull out their credit card and make a transaction.

As a business owner, you should address several hurdles and try to overcome them. Powerful, convincing words need to be included in writing to attract your target geography and build trust. Always try to bring something new and interesting to the table. You can play smart in your blog by posting new topics that solve your prospects’ problems through your product.


Hi, I am Madiha Jamal. I am a veteran copywriter and freelancer. I have been working in the writing and marketing industry for over four years. I love to read and share knowledge through my words. I craft persuasive content to help readers absorb even complex information easily without getting bored. If you want a persuasive copy for your company's marketing campaign, need someone to manage the blog, or handle the SEO part, you can contact me at any time of the day.

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