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Credit Repair – Some benefits of having a positive credit score

A good credit score can increase your chances of finding a job, says Fayola Evans-Roberts, Deputy Supervisor of Insolvency.

Known as a credit score, it is the result of a mathematical algorithm that calculates the numerical score based on qualitative data from an Up Credit Repair report. 

With society’s expanding capacities for modernization, Evans-Roberts says a good credit repair rating will become more important.

Our society is moving towards a more digital one, where credit plays an increasingly important role. She stressed the importance of access to credit repair services to ensure that certain resources are available to you to take advantage of the notion of ‘cashless society’.


In addition to providing advice, Evans-Roberts told JIS News that individuals who have entered into insolvency can contact the OSI for assistance.

Whenever a person finds themselves in trouble with debt, the OSI is there to assist them in seeking resolution, she noted. All debt relief regimes, whether individual or corporate, are discharged once an individual is placed in charge of the account so there is potential for resolution, she said.

You can access credit from individual lenders and institutions with a good credit score. More credit repair is important because it demonstrates that you have the ability to repay your debt, because you have managed your debt in a responsible and responsible manner, she explained.

Tactlessly, having no credit repair is like a catch-22 situation. When you don’t have any credit repair services, it’s likely you won’t qualify for a loan or credit card. Though, you can’t build credit repair without opening a new credit account. We will guide you through steps you can take to build credit services for the first time.

As Evans-Roberts notes, people can present proposals instead of going into bankruptcy. And even if they are about to become insolvent within 12 months, they can reach out to the OSI.

Since the start of Up Credit Repair, we’ve worked with countless individuals and business owners of all kinds. To know more about us Click here.


Your credit score provides you with an insight into the different ways that you can improve your financial situation. A person’s credit repair history informs us about their debt management. Their behavior may be affected by eligibility for credit cards, auto and mortgage loans, insurance, and even job applications. That means having a negative credit rating could have far-reaching adverse effects on your life.

People with bad credit can turn to credit repair firms for a solution. As you deal with the top credit reporting agencies, these companies will typically help you improve your credit score. Credit services companies remove negative elements from your credit repair report such as bankruptcies, late payments, and collections.

Those who sign up for this service should know that it is a six. Or nine-month commitment when they initially sign up. The company offers comprehensive refund policy protection, even though this might be considered a downside. The firm will refund you if they are unable to remove one negative item from your credit services reports.

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