Custom rigid boxes use in different industries

The custom rigid boxes are crafted from cardboard-based stocks that are sturdy and resistant to impacts and tears. Some stock options are also moisture resistant. The attributes like these make these stock options perfect for packaging different premium products of the business entities. These boxes come in different shapes and sizes to cater to the product needs of their clients. The sturdy framework of rigid boxes is added with accessories like personalized ribbons, buttons, and more to create exciting looks that can lure customers. Recipients who receive these premium boxes as gift boxes get excited. They record their experience of unboxing their gifts and share in on various social media platforms. Custom rigid boxes are suitable for the premium packaging needs of business entities and brands. They can design them according to events and their themes.

Printed rigid boxes stationery products

For a very long time, I was searching for stationery boxes for my kids. I wanted complete sets that include pencils, colors, paints, and various other options. Both my kids are very good at art. Their teachers are always encouraging them to take part in various art coopetition. Because of this reason, they need art supplies at all times. Last month both my daughter and son won medals for the Japanese art competition. We were thrilled. This time I wanted to give them professional stationery boxes. I started visiting various art supply stores till I found what I was searching for. A renowned brand has launched its complete collection of color pencils, markers, paints, charcoal pencils, pastels, crayons, and art supplies like blotting paper, scissors, etc., in printed rigid boxes.

It looked like it made them from wood. But when I inquired from the salesperson, he informed me that we made them from the cardboard of the highest quality. The printing and finishing of these boxes were of premium quality. It has been six months that my kids are using them, and they still look brand-new.

Rigid packaging for candles

Sheila, my friend, loves buying candles. Some years ago, she took an online aromatherapy course. Through this course, Sheila learned a lot about fragrances and how they affect our moods. She loves giving candles to her friends and family members on various occasions. Every time I invite her for dinner, Sheila makes sure to bring along a beautifully scented candle. A few months ago, she started her own premium candles business. Her target market comprises corporate clients searching for premium souvenirs to give to their employees etc. The last time she came to my home, she brought two beautiful rigid packaging boxes along.

One was for me, and the other was for my husband. As we opened the boxes, we gasped. The candles inside looked nothing less than jeweled ornaments. They designed intricately. The boxes were as beautiful as the candles inside. They had inserts covered with red velvet for a luxurious look. Each box had personalized and branded in rich contrasts, which looked elegant.

Rigid boxes in USA for perfumes 

Manufacturers of rigid boxes in USA have crafted versatile designs and types of cardboard-based boxes. They are crafted according to the needs of their clients. Most perfume brands need to display their new products launched apart from other perfumes. They can use display boxes for this purpose. These boxes can be placed on shelves easily or mounted on walls according to the clients’ preferences.

Ordering custom rigid boxes

If you provide tangible items to your customers and are searching for custom rigid boxes, then make sure to sift through the options offered by ClipnBox. We assure you will not be disappointed.

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