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Customs and traditions of Morocco

Have you prepared a getaway to Morocco? It will be unforgettable. Of that we are sure. But if you want to know a little more about your destination before setting foot on African soil, here are some customs and traditions in Morocco that you should know. After reading this article, you just need to pack your suitcase and enjoy this wonderful ride.

Morocco is a magical destination. And I say this from experience. It’s always caught my eye, but it’s one of those places you never find the time to go. Traveling has always surprised me, but my wallet only allowed me to travel to European countries. And I’m not complaining! But the truth is, when you travel across your continent you never notice customs as different as sticking your mouth open. And that’s exactly what happens when you travel to villa London Marrakech and learn about the customs and traditions of Morocco. Or at least that’s what happened to me.

Customs and traditions in Morocco

In reality, Morocco is not that far from the Iberian Peninsula, they are like our neighbors, but when you arrive you see that the neighbors are very far (not geographically speaking) from what Europe is today. hui. And I don’t mean it as a flaw. Vice versa. This is what gives this destination a magical and special touch. The markets, the spices in the streets, the fear of Jamaa el Fna square, the souks, the peace that hides in the riads… Everything is different. Therefore, we present to you some customs and traditions of Morocco that you should know. Pack respect, curiosity and tolerance. With these ingredients, you make the trip an unforgettable adventure.

Tea time is any time of the day

If you are traveling to Morocco, be prepared as you will be drinking a lot of tea. Anytime it’s a good time to enjoy a cup of tea. And yes, I said a drink, because in Morocco you don’t drink a cup of tea. It is drunk in crystal glasses that look like shot glasses, but a little wider and taller than usual. At breakfast, at lunch, before and after a meal, during dinner… anytime! Of course, it’s delicious. It is usually a very sweet green tea with a touch of fresh mint.

Advice! Never reject one. Tea is a symbol of hospitality and is usually shared with guests or guests. Don’t be surprised to go to a store to buy a simple bracelet and they offer you tea right away. If you don’t want it (because you’ve already drunk five or six on the same street), politely throw it out with a smile and explain that you’re not used to drinking that much tea in a day. They know we’re tourists, so more than being offended… they’re going to have a lot of fun.

How to greet in Morocco

As you travel, greet the locals with your right hand. The left hand is considered unclean (and not so long ago it was used for things as unglamorous as cleaning after being in the bathroom). So, both when bowing and while eating, avoid the left hand. Don’t be surprised if you see two men kissing each other on the cheeks or walking hand in hand showing them their friendship. Reserve the two kisses for Spain and greet with all your heart at hand (hand) (right).

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Bargaining is wrong

Although it seems strange to us, it is to show the day. In fact, you can tell they love it. At first it will seem like fun and you will even get a good discount because you don’t mind spending hours and hours haggling. However, and I say this from experience, dribbling is an exhausting sport. After two days, you don’t mind paying 10 dirhams (Moroccan currency) more if you avoid arguing for half an hour. But the most surprising thing is that if you don’t try, they are the ones who encourage you to do it. And if you ask, how much is it? don’t be surprised if he answers “how much are you giving me?”

Forget alcohol

It sounds silly, but when you go out on a hot patio and they ask you, what do you need? sometimes just “a cold lemon beer” comes out. Well, do not even think about saying it. Let it be in their minds, but do not show it (at least in front of them). It is one of the most important traditions and customs in Morocco and which you need to remember with more determination. Alcohol is a sin and Islam does not allow it. So if you order a beer (even as a tourist), you can insult them and have bad heads. It is true that there are some shops (very few and a little hidden) where you can find alcohol. Of course, prepare the portfolio, because the prices are exorbitant!

What to bring in Morocco

This is one of the most common questions on a trip to Morocco and at the same time one of the most advanced and Europeanized customs and traditions in Morocco. There you will see women wearing hijab (the veil that covers the hair) or niqab (full veil that only lets the eyes see). Although we can say that more and more people reveal since childhood…

And we? How should we dress? You will see how nothing happens if we go in short sleeves or braces, but we recommend that you do not forget where you are and what are the customs and traditions of Morocco. You do not have to cover your hair, but you do not have to wear shorts, strapless and flip-flops.

A good traveler adapts to local customs and above all respects the country’s traditions and culture. Here’s a photo that shows that more than offending them, they love being a part of the culture. There is definitely more than one who will teach you to wear the scarf… they love to see our surprised faces! It’s a real art!

Can I drink water in Morocco?

You can drink as much water as you want, but… bottled water! No tap water. Moroccan pipes are not the best in the world and if you do not want to spend the trip in the bathroom, buy bottled water.

And we will continue with many other tips for your trip to Morocco, but we’d better give you some other articles to help you prepare for your trip. If you want to learn more about the customs and traditions of Morocco, do not miss these tips on how to eat in Morocco. They will definitely be very helpful to you and save you from strange problems!

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