Dedicated server vs cloud server pricing: which one is worth the cost?


Each hosting type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages but in the end, hosted server pricing becomes the deciding factor. People select that hosting type that lies within their budget and solves the basic purpose of their business. Cloud server hosting always amounts to be lower than a dedicated server. But can all workloads can be supported through a cloud service?

So, coming up with a decision just based on per month costing is a big mistake. There are so many other factors that must be counted. The overall costing involves many hard as well as soft costs. As a dedicated server in India involves both ample amount of hardware resources as well as advanced software to run, that’s why it is costly.

Some factors once considered will lead you to a rational decision. We will be discussing all those factors that will help you in determining the exact hosted server pricing.

Factors to consider

As per the hosting experts, a cloud server’s monthly costing comes around 300 $. Whereas, an on-premise server costs around 1500 $. This seems like a huge gap between on-premise and off-site server costing. The costing includes scaling needs, administration and staffing costs, etc.

But these costs are just a ball number, you need to have a clear estimation according to your business. So, for this, we have compiled all the factors to be considered-

Compliance requirements-

Every industry works differently and has its own set of compliance needs and workloads. Depending on this one should decide whether their business needs a shared cloud server or a dedicated server in India.

For example, for an organization that has some regulatory needs then costs get accrued accordingly. But all companies should take care of such regulatory needs. There can be serious repercussions of any regulatory failure.

Configuration and support needs

Some businesses need constant scaling and for that, we need management and proper provisioning. Such frequently scaling businesses find cloud servers better. But for businesses that have constant workloads are more suitable within a dedicated server environment.

The expertise of your company and reliability of the IT staff is also the deciding factor. If you want to work on an on-premise server, then you must ensure your customers with a brilliant responsive data vendor. But when you have got a dedicated server from a vendor, then you can expect constant provisioning updates.

For a cloud server also, if you know that your company does not have many professionals then you must rely on outsourcing the service. When you will outsource the service you get better performance, cost reduction, and security. But to get all your tasks done, you need to select the right and authentic vendor.

Factors for high I/O and bulky databases

It is not an easy task to run a massive database without any problems. For workloads that are dealing with high input/output, dedicated servers are more feasible. A dedicated server in India might costs you heavily initially, but turns out to be cheaper for such heavy database workloads.

So, watch out for the workload demands of your organization and then act accordingly. Sometimes, maintaining a dedicated server might costs you lesser than a cloud server for such heavy workloads.

Demand consistency

Once your product is live, there is no turning back. The demand starts to grow and you will not get to know when it will become unprecedented. So, you need to be pre-prepared for such growth in demands.

Such unprecedented demands cannot be supported by a cloud server. Companies have paid more being on the cloud server to meet their exceeding demands. Hence if you also own a company whose demands are going up frequently, then a dedicated server is all you need. A dedicated server is a more cost-effective and efficient option.

Estimating upgrades

Running a business requires constant upgrades and customer satisfaction. For this, the quality of your service needs to be the best. A single instance of downtime can turn out to be overwhelming in terms of losses.

Only a dedicated server can meet such expectations and high demand. Generally, websites dealing with voluminous video streaming and constant high traffic have very high demands in terms of resources. For such resource-intensive websites, you need to spend a little more than expected hosted server pricing. 

All these factors must pop up in your head while deciding on the type of dedicated server. Once you are clear with the hosting type then you need to select the right hosting vendor. There are big brand names that provide stellar services for both dedicated or cloud hosting.

Hence, first, understand your needs and then select the best hosting available. For any other queries., you can contact us on our official website.











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