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Digital Public Relations Myths and Musts

Digital public relations gives a brand the right audience pull off, which would have taken a series of campaigns if it would have been through advertisements.  PR is not limited to building a community, thought leadership, 3rd party endorsement, brand credibility, and the list goes on and on.

Well, these are some basic terms associated with traditional public relations which should be taken into accountability in Digital PR.  Digital public relation is an intersection between the traditional public relation practices alongside content marketing, SEO and social media to enhance the brand’s presence over the internet. The digital era marks internet taking over all transitional mediums of communication since it is a wide platform accessible to the entire globe. Hence, media streams like public relations are ought to go all digital by the next decade.

Here are the myths of digital public relations:

Myth #1 The Best PR agencies are based in NYC and Vegas

With the world steadily growing as one, gone are the days when one would only trust a PR agency if it is based in the metro halls of New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. A fancy address is not what one should be looking for while hiring a Digital PR agency since Digital PR is more than just smooth communication skills; it requires a flinch of technical touch to it. Without SEO and other technical tools, digital PR would fall short in this era of high competition. One should go for an agency with high experience in dealing clients with the help of niche digital methods.

Myth #2 Digital PR and the same as pop up advertisements

Digital PR come in the form of mentions through earned media in high user based search engine such as Google and Yahoo, influential bloggers and influencers as well as social media cannels.  Digital PR is all about online publicity done through portals, websites, social media and there is much more to it. It is nothing close to advertisement and definitely poles apart from pop up ads!

Myths #3 Digital PR is useless

However, it is wrong to assume that anything that is not measurable isn’t valuable. The value that PR gives to your brand is so immense that it is proven to hold more effective than a front-page advertisement. PR pros work on fetching your trust in this competitive market through online campaigns. Which is a more refined version of word of mouth amongst the present generation of audience.

While some lurk over these myths, others move their eyes over to the musts in the bracket of public relations. Let’s have a look at the pointers!

Musts #1 Be readily responsive to the press

It is crucial for a media professional to be available to have a conversation with the press at any moment. The journalists and editors are highly occupied people therefore being active on your email sites is really important.

Must #2 online mentions matter

As a digital PR professional, one should always keep in mind that press coverage isn’t the end of everything. There is so much more than just coverage in the spectrum of public relations especially when it comes to the digital routes.

Must #3 page experiences on Google

A digital PR pro should keep in mind that SEO is an inevitable tool of digital PR. In this Digital Era, Google Search page ranking is highly relevant.

Ravinder Bharti

Ravinder Bharti has ample working experience in digital marketing, SEO, and PR. Public Media Solution is headed by him as the founder, and CEO.

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