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Do you really need a Magnum Hen?

For many years, JJ Lares has been a top choice among duck hunters. The Magnum Hen is quickly becoming one of the most popular calls with those looking to harvest waterfowl for table or sport across North America! This call produces sounds that imitate ducks flying over marshes (which often attract these birds) as well as an extra sound that comes from their free app download – worth checking out if you’re interested in getting started using this type of hunting device today!

About Kittles Outdoors

Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport has been in operation since 1999. It is a family-owned company that continues to operate out of Uptown Colusa, California. Kittle’s sells waterfowl goods as well as fishing equipment for both beginners and experienced fishers alike! The store offers live bait at their Sacramento River State Park located near the grey life wildlife area which makes it easy on those who would like an opportunity to hunt or just fish without worrying about transportation back home once things wrap up with pendik escort work

About J.J. Lares

JJ Lares has been making one of the world’s most coveted duck calls in Chico for over three decades, for which he received numerous awards. The JJ Lares call is great as a present; it can produce any sound desired with ease and little maintenance required on behalf of its user (for example: changing out some parts). It also comes at an affordable price point that makes them perfect presents!

JJ Lares has been a duck hunting mainstay for many years. One of their newest products, the Magnum Hen is quickly becoming one favorite among hunters! Producing an unforgettable mallard call that creates not only sound but also an image in your mind’s eye when you use it to hunt waterfowl on land or at sea – this hybrid duck-hunting combo ensures success every time. The JJ Lares duck calls line offers high-end calls from top brands like kittles outdoor blind accessories so look no further than these awesome options if quality matters most during those late-night hours spent away from home waiting patiently by our nest boxes until sunrise seamlessly arrives again.

About the Magnum

The Magnum JJ Lares calls are a favorite among Kittle’s clients and hunters throughout the country. These high-pitched squawks may be used to entice ducks, especially during mating season when duck hunting restrictions are in effect – but that doesn’t mean you can’t get away with using them around your yard! We have an easy product called The Hen which has been well received by our regular customers as well those who drop in looking for something new they would like to try out themselves; it comes complete with everything one needs including 3 different sound effects (duck quacking sounds) plus whistles or laughs too!. This user-friendly call makes people feel great while working because of how practical these fun little gadgets truly come to be.


Waterfowl enthusiasts may discover a great duck call at Kittles Outdoor. JJ Lares, an internationally-known firm that provides high-quality products for customers with alternatives they’re sure to love offers the newest addition of their lineup: The JJ Lares Call! This particular model sounds just like hens mallards and can spread tom’s if used correctly… We provide you with all this information so we know what kind of calls would suit any needs best suited by our wide variety available here

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