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Does Torrents Unblock Adware and Spyware?

The popularity of Torrents has skyrocketed in recent months and years. Since everyone wants to get their hands on high-speed access to many downloadable files, torrents are the perfect solution. Many people find that torrents are the best way to pirate movies and music. Because there’s nothing slowing them down! While premium VPNs conceal your identity on the internet and mask your internet search history by ISPs, they also tend to affect download speeds dramatically.

The Torrents Proxy Site

The Torrent proxy site promises a fast and anonymous downloading experience. It is a simple to use, open-source software project based on PHP/Linux. And the best thing about it…it’s free! While torrent proxy seems like a great deal, we found a couple of problems with it. In this article, we’ll reveal how to use Demantoid to avoid these common problems. Full Article

Pirate Bay

First, you might want to know what exactly is Torrents? Simply put, Torrents is a software application for downloading media files. It was created by an individual known as “Pirate Bay” who wanted to create a completely free software solution for downloading files, rather than using commercial software like Urave or Sayady. The program works by allowing users to browse the web anonymously by creating a special channel on a web server that acts as a tunnel to communicate with torrent sites. Allowing users to download as much as they want, the only thing that you need to pay for is the software to run the program. Although, like most applications, the program has some pros and cons.

The first two would be the speed. Allowing users to download movies and music at record speed, Torrents can definitely be used as a substitute to normal file sharing methods. Just imagine getting unlimited streaming access to several movies while travelling, then getting interrupted in the middle of the download because your connection is down. With EZTV, you can always download movies at any time, so you will never miss out on your favourite movies.

Another pro would be the large database of media files that can be downloaded. Because of the large database, there will always be something available for everyone. If you love watching movies, music, or other TV shows, this is definitely a must-have application. Since it is built on PHP and MySQL, it is quite possible for it to host a large database. When used in conjunction with etc., you can get unlimited access to thousands of media files.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

But what makes it stand out from other torrent applications is the security it provides. Because it uses a combination of PHP and MySQL, it will allow people to run remote VPS instances from their desktop. Because of this, you can have complete control over what goes on your computer. It also comes with virtual private servers (VPS), which means you have dedicated resources exclusively for your website. And because it uses open-source software, it does not require you to use any firewalls for added security.

Check this

Reliable Site

But do not expect torrent to completely solve your internet problems. After downloading it, you might notice that your website is already accessible via the internet. This is because your local network has been successfully blocked by the proxy server. What this does is that it routes all requests to other websites. So, if a request comes from a site that is banned, it will not go through. However, if you are on a reliable torrent site, your request will be forwarded to torrent sites that are allowed.

If you want to get your website free of spyware and adware, all you need to do is install the program and configure it accordingly. Once done, you can be assured that no ads will show up on your website and search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing will recognize your website as legitimate. All in all, you should give Torrents unblocked a try today.


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