Enhance Website’s Performance With Fascinating Features of Magento 2

With an increase in the rate of use of Magento, Magento needs to upgrade its features and meet customers’ requirements continuously. No pandemic can stop the development of Magento to improve the platform.

There are a variety of reasons for enhancing any platform, such as maintaining existing clients by fixing bugs, respond to customer expectations, attract new customers with compelling features, and make the platform more robust, protecting against cyberattacks.

Magento never fails to add substantial new features that can benefit merchants & customers, have corrected many existing bugs in the past.

With each release, Magento 2 Marketplace Extension has emphasized the improvement of the platform in different aspects that can effectively retain existing customers and acquire new customers.

List of Features Provided by Magento 2

 In-Store Pickup:

It is a very convenient way of shopping, making it flexible for customers ordering anything from anywhere, and collect their orders from the nearest store of their choice without incurring extra shipping costs.

Oftentimes, buyers encounter a situation where the shipping cost exceeds the product they are looking for, leading to cart abandonment. To eliminate these scenarios, the retail pickup concept is introduced.

With Magento 2.4, merchants were offered the control to decide which physical inventory stores should be posted as customer pick-up points.

Improved Media Gallery:

Magento Developers have completely redesigned the Media Gallery, making it easier and quicker for customers to manage.

With Magento 2.4, the media gallery is built into Adobe Stock, allowing customers to view images from the media gallery itself to save a lot of time.

Customers aided Shopping:

Merchants can assist customers throughout the purchase process, making them more customized and flexible for buyers. The customer service team can log in to the website to eliminate the need for customers to ask merchants about the issues facing.

They can help customers with various features as how to plan smart strategies, stimulating more conversions, support them in putting together the wish list, place orders & create quotes on their behalf, saving them time.

Going forward, merchants will have complete control over the customer’s website and will help them resolve any issues they face.

Purchase Approval Workflow:

It is one of the features of prominence that has been introduced in Magento 2.4. This feature helps customers value individual approval by creating a form. They may make their own rules based on different things.

Faster search:

Research is an essential function in any e-commerce enterprise. This is one of the features most used by customers. A quick search will result in more conversions and repeat purchases.

Ideally, a customer will wait for 30 seconds if search results not posted & will look for alternatives on the Internet. With Magento 2.4, dealers should install the elastic search on the server.


The caching of SQL statements for the inventory table has been improved. With Magento 2.4, third-party payments deleted, each must install/upgrade Magento 2 Marketplace Extension through the command line.

Two-factor authentication is mandatory for all vendors, making it stronger. A composer update plugin eliminate the need for humans,  automating multiple tedious actions that performed manually.

PWA has enhanced with the introduction of a new store, making it easier for merchants and customers to adjust to this PWA.

Platform Upgrades:

  • PHP 7.4 support, eliminating the requirement of 7.1 and 7.2. Magento extension providers should ensure that all extensions support PHP 7.4.
  • Support for the PHP 9.x-unit, reduction of the PHP 6.5 unit
  • MYSQL search engine retired, and Elasticsearch 7.6x is the default search engine. Each should set up an elastic search on the server, stimulating the search process. Elasticsearch provides excellent search capabilities and optimizes the performance of the catalog.
  • Media for MariaDB 10.4. It recommended that merchants upgrade this version to improve the efficiency and reliability of the website.

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Increased Performance:

  • Caching for SQL has improved, reducing the threshold of 16 requests to the inventory sales channel to one.
  • Magento 2.4 has enhanced the functionality ensuring that the merchant’s website will always run at maximum efficiency.
  • Multiple optimizations to Redis decreasing the size of data transfer between Redis & Magento, reducing the CPU cycles consumed by Redis, much more.

Security Improvements

  • 2-factor authentication is now required for all merchants. This feature enabled by default and cannot switch off.
  • With Magento 2.4, the strict mode of the template filter switches on by default.
  • The concept of the security.txt file introduced in this version to address security issues.
  • Focused on improving content security policy.
  • More 30 previous bugs eliminated, with an emphasis on securing SSH cloud access.

Enhanced Infrastructure:

  • Considering research as one of the essential characteristics of e-commerce activity, this version has improved the search function by introducing partial word search using elastic search.
  • With advanced technologies, Magento has always tried to automate the features, reducing human involvement, saving their time which can invest in other vital areas.
  • One of the best features of this release is that merchants can log into their customers’ websites and help them plan and suggest ideas for attracting more customers.
  • Migrate the PayPal express checkout integration to the latest PayPal JavaScript SDK, which will automatically collect and transmit the required risk settings to PayPal.

Wrapping up!!

It is the most promising eCommerce platform, Magento is back with the latest exciting version containing multiple exciting new features. This release will give merchants the ability to seize new opportunities & grow their businesses in this competitive environment. An Ecommerce web development company deploys multitasking with the skills needed to create your project.

Magento 2.4 has adapted all of the latest technologies to make the platform as stable as possible and has improved features to respond to the needs of all merchants and their customers, improve the relationship between them and build trust

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