Essential Documents You Need To Rent A Car In Dubai

Essential documents for car rental – Visitors and expats are never tired of exploring the amazingly built Dubai city. The place is home to countless attractions where visitors are happy to spend the entire weekend. However, exploring this vast city is impossible without having an exotic vehicle. Since there is less time to buy a personal car, renting one could be an unmatched alternative. Why spend too much on a car if you can rent it for a day or two? Renting a car, however, requires you to present some essential documents to the rental company. This post will entail all the essential documents you need to rent a car in Dubai. Stay with us to know more!

Essential documents for car rental:

The rental car business in Dubai is booming due to more and more expats opting for it. People are now conscious of this thing, and they avoid spending too much on buying a car and instead opt for renting one. A car rental enables you to go beyond Dubai and explore numerous fun attractions. However, you need to present the following documents before you take hold of the car keys.

1. Valid international driving license:

Whether renting or buying, having a license is essential to proceed in the process. The first thing the rental company will ask is your valid international driving license. If you don’t have a license issued in your home country or an international one, you will receive a humble apology from the rental companies.

Your driving license must be issued in the same country as your Passport. However, UAE residents are required to present a UAE-issued license with a valid national identification card. Before you contact car rental companies in Dubai, make sure you have all the documents available with you.

2. Internation driving permit (IDP):

International residents who opt for renting a car in Dubai must present an international driving permit along with the license. The driving permit must have been issued in their native country. The IDP can help international residents rent a car in Dubai and purchase their car.

3. Insurance coverage:

Another essential document you need to have at the time of renting a car is insurance coverage. Some cars carry a standard insurance part of the rental rate per car. You need to be aware of the insurance charges for the car you are about to rent. If unsure, you better ask the renting company about it.

Some of the car rental companies provide insurance packages to their clients.You can get Collision damage waiver (CDW) insurance in case you meet an accident. If the accident happened due to the other party’s fault, a police report would help you avoid paying liabilities.

4. Valid Identification Card (ID Card) or Passport:

It is essential to be original to you at the time when you are renting a car. The rental company would not like to assume the risk of entrusting someone with a fake ID or Passport. If you want to rent a car, come up with your original ID card and Passport. It is as simple a game as ABC.

Since the security check-up is crucial in the rental business, having a real ID card and Passport will certainly help all the parties. Your request will be turned down immediately should the renting company know your ID or Passport is fake. It is recommended to come up with original documents.

5. Emirates ID copy:

The identification of citizenship in UAE is reflected by the Emirates ID, also known as the Federal authorities’ identity. An Emirates ID will help you in renting a car in Dubai. Without this, your application stands no chance of approval.

The rental companies must not withhold the Emirates card from their customers. Moreover, if you have an issue with the traffic law, the company you hired the car from will assist you, should you present an Emirates card. It is recommended to come up with all the essential documents can contact reliable car rental companies in Dubai to rent an exotic car.

6. Visa or Mastercard credit card:

The rental car company will ask for a credit card for depositing the car rental charges. Since visa cards handle most of the payment process across the globe, you should come up with a valid visa or Mastercard. The rental companies accept all such payments methods.

Presenting a valid visa card with your name is essential, and it must coordinate with your driving license so the renting company can trust you.

Explore Dubai in a sports car!

Dubai is a vast city, full of natural and artificial attractions. Wandering about this large city will certainly take a good transportation route. It would be best to rent exotic sports cars from reliable renting companies to enjoy the ride of your dreams. Consider connecting with these partners!




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