Essential Things to Know Before Buying A MacBook

There are plenty of people who are thinking to get their new MacBook. Though getting one is easy but deciding which one to choose is more difficult. Before you buy a new Apple laptop or looking for MacBook repair services, you must learn about some of the things that are important and you should consider before you buy a new laptop.

In this blog, you will learn about how to buy a MacBook. Following are five things to consider when buying a new Apple laptop.

Are New Models Launching Anytime Soon?

Apple launches new laptops now and then. You should always get the latest models as these are built with advanced features that help increase your productivity. It is always better to check whether Apple will be launching new laptop models in few months or not. If yes, then wait for some days and buy the new model for your use.
Of course, if you are still willing to buy a new Apple laptop as soon as possible you can go ahead and get the model that suits your preference. But if you get to learn that Apple is going to launch a new model anytime soon and you can wait till that time, then it is better to get the new model. You may also get an old Laptop model at a discount when the new model launches in the market.

MacBook Pro Or MacBook Air

There are two different varieties of Apple laptops available in the market. The MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. The latter is the entry-level laptop of the company. MacBook Air is thin, light and it is perfect if you travel often with your laptop. MacBook Pro is for the users who use their laptops for heavy-duty tasks.
Comparing the exterior and interior these laptops are different in color, design, and performance. If you have simple needs, you should choose MacBook Air and if you want to use your laptop for heavy works, choose MacBook Pro.

The Screen Size

The screen size of the above mentioned laptop models is different from each other. The two most common screen sizes of MacBook Pro are 13 inches and 16 inches. A 16-inch screen is a large machine that has a better cooling system and audio system along with a graphics chip that will help increase the gaming and rendering performance.
In the case of the 13 inch MacBook Pro you will get the M1 chip of Apple. The M1 chip integrates graphics, processor, and memory into one chip. The performance is amazing but not as good as the 16-inch laptop.
You may also get the Apple silicon chips in the 16 inch MacBook pro. This will help restore the performance and will increase the advantages of the laptop.

Service Centre

Ensure that there are nearby service centres for Apple laptops. One should always take their laptops to reputed service centres where you can get the best services for Apple repair Singapore.

Portability And Battery Life

The key to your laptop is longevity. The good thing about the MacBook battery is that both MacBook Air and Pro last for a decent amount of time. This is partly due to the M1 chip that these laptops have. The MacBook Pro can last for 13.5 hours whereas MacBook air can last for 11 hours. You can easily travel by MacBook air as it is thin and light. Whereas MacBook pro is slightly heavy.
These were some of the points that you should know before you choose your MacBook.

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