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Everything about upcoming iPhone 13

New iPhone 13 of 2021

There are rumors that Apple’s new iPhone 13 of 2021 is a few days away. I have hearing rumors about what to expect from the latest devices even before the 2020 iPhone models hit the market. I don’t know the new iPhone date of 2021. iPhone 13 is probably the target date of 14th September.

The new iPhone -13 of 2021 will be seeing in 4 sizes like the iPhone- 12 of 2020. Four devices measured 5.4-inches, .1.1-inches, and 7.7-inches, two higher “Pro” models of the iPhone and two low-cost, more affordable devices.

The new 2021 phone 13 may not change much. The 2021 iPhone will have the same feature set as the 2020 iPhone.

To rely on Lightning for the future without having to switch to Apple USB-C. The iPhone 13 is rumoring to have a portless design that relies entirely on wireless charging. There will be no port-less design until MagSafe accessories become more common. Port-less iPhones may appear in 2022 instead.

The iPhone 2021 model is considering adding an in-display fingerprint sensor. In addition to Face ID, it will use as an alternative biometric authentication method. Apple analyst said in June that 2022 iPhones would have an under-display Touch ID. They are giving the idea.

The iPhone 2021 model is expecting to have advanced camera technology while extending the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s larger sensor to other models. Stabilization feature, sensor-shift for better auto-focus and stability across the lineup. Camera changes are coming; there are some design shifts in the camera bump. The most notable will be the iPhone 13 Pro, which gets a much more extensive camera array. In addition, the iPhone 12 and 12 will have a diagonal camera setup.

iPhone 13 model’s ultra-wide lens

Rumors are rife about the improvement of the iPhone 13 model’s ultra-wide lens. In the form of improved performance and improved autofocus in low light. Some changes are expecting for wide lenses in devices. The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are hoping to have a new diagonal camera lens setup. Different from the design of the iPhone 12 model.



Apple could launch four iPhones in 2021 without changing the size so that we can expect a 5.4-inch iPhone mini, a 6.1-inch low-cost iPhone, a 6.1-inch Pro model, and a 6.7-inch Pro Max model. Rumors have suggested that the iPhone 12 Mini has seen vague sales. However, Apple is still planning an iPhone 13 Mini at the moment.

The iPhone 13 model is not expecting to undergo significant design changes. However, the 2020 iPhone models have identified a considerable technology and design overhaul. According to Bloomberg, Apple engineers consider the 2021 iPhone an “S” version of the 2020 model. Apple has used the “S” terminology in the past, where there were even more minor updates to iPhone models.

According to Apple Analyst, there are no plans to convert the Apple iPhone lineup from Lightning to USB-C. Recently, Apple is reluctant to switch to USB-C because it is an open standard and less waterproof than electricity.

Apple prefers Lightning over the USB C feature. Apple can control the quality of lightning cables and accessories through the Made for iPhone (MFI) program.

Touch ID?

According to Bloomberg, Apple is testing an in-screen Touch ID fingerprint reader that will detect significant changes to the biometric system that Apple has used for flagship devices since the launch of the iPhone X.

If Apple implements the in-display Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor will be available in addition to the Face ID. Thus, it will be convenient for iPhone users who will not unlock their iPhone with facial recognition while using the mask.

120Hz ProMotion display

There are rumors that the iPhone lineup has a 120Hz promotion display. The iPhone 13 may adopt LTPO display technology to implement a 120Hz refresh rate. The iPhone 13 introduces individual pixels on the unique show and is rumoring to improve battery life. The two iPhones will use the LED collection with 13 low-power LTPO backplane technology, paving the way for a 120Hz refresh rate.

According to Apple analyst Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the iPhone 13 may display a feature always-on display, such as the Apple Watch.

A15 processor

There are rumors that Apple may use the 5nm + A15 chip for the 2021 iPhone 13, which TSMC may manufacture.

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