Everything You should know about Online Ludo Game.

Do you remember the Ludo game of your childhood, the moment when you and your friends or your family used to play each Ludo game on a cardboard board? Those times used to be beautiful days of life but now this technology era where the internet does all the work. Similarly, in today’s time, the Ludo game app has also gone online, which is known as a gaming platform. Maybe you haven’t played it in a long time. Now is your chance to experience it again, but you must download the online Ludo game app this time! Various games are available online Ludo, from standard Ludo to Egyptian Ludo and everything in between, There’s something for everyone.

So, get ready to roll those dice and have your opponents race around the board! Read on to know more about the different types of online Ludo games and how to win.

What Is the Ludo game, And How Do You Play It Online?

Ludo is a basic prepackaged game for two to four players who move their pieces around the board as indicated by the roll of a six-sided kick the bucket. The game’s goal is to be the first to move each of the four of one’s pieces from the beginning region to the Home space.

Ludo is a game from a traditional and family history, known in Latin as Ludus, at a time when it was once widespread in Europe and North America. It is similar to Parcheesi in many ways.

Although there are many Ludo types, only four players play in Ludo. Each house is controlled by one colored coin, which moves around an 8×8 square grid with dots in each corner that accumulates so that each player moves their piece around the board game clockwise and tries to get from one house to the next.

Ludo is readily available to you in today’s digital world on many smart devices like phones, tablets, and laptops. Just download the online Ludo game app, and you are ready.

How to Play the Ludo game like a pro?

Also, there are many ways to play Ludo by which you can play it well and become a professional player.

Tokens Should Be Opened

We all know that rolling a 6’s role is one of those things we have no control over, so when your 6th chance comes, you first have to open your all token. That way, whenever one of your tokens reaches Home base, you don’t have to struggle to open your token. With which you can win Ludo easily, and this is one of the best tricks to win Ludo online and offline.

Never Race A Single Token Only

You win when all four of your token reach Home base. So instead of moving only one token, it would be better to move them together. You try to move your registration across the board. With which you can create a block and from which you can win as well as capture the other opponent’s roll.

Capture the opponent’s token

Ludo is not about opening all your tokens and spreading them across the board. It is also about focusing on the opponent’s token and returning it to its starting position. Also, this is one of the best Ludo tips and tricks. Therefore, you should capture the opponent’s token whenever you can. 

Block The Opponent’s Tokens 

If you are not successful in capturing your opponent’s token, there is another method to block them. So, they won’t be able to move past or capture your token. Paying close attention to every role on the board is your success. And, it goes without saying that you must act while keeping an eye.

Keep Your Tokens At A Safe Place 

In addition to your play yard, several places and ways to secure your token throughout the base. Never move a piece that will lead to the Home triangle, but move other pieces that are unlikely to be captured by the opponent. Moving your piece wisely is your gameplay; you should consider it when moving it on the board.

Decide Your Game Play 

Everyone has their way of playing. Some people like to win without opponents capturing the piece, while some like to be aggressive. Before starting the game, you have to decide your way. If you want to win the game, you have to play a little bit safely and methodically, but if you’re going to enjoy Ludo to the fullest, capturing adds to the thrill.

How did the Ludo game develop?

We have been watching this game from ancient times, and this game has been going on since the time of our grandfather’s great grandfather. We have heard that this game of Ludo was invented in India in the 6th century AD. It was known in the language as Pachisi. The game was introduced to England by the British during colonial rule, and later its name was changed when it was named Ludo.

How did it become so popular?

Ludo is a very entertaining and popular game of today’s time because it is such a game that people of all ages can easily play. It is also considered a relatively fast game, making it ideal for a shorter game or when you have little time.

Advantages of playing an online Ludo game

(1) Enjoy yourself and feel positive

(2) Spending time with loved ones

(3) Cognitive ability and memory development

(4) Lowers the likelihood of mental illnesses

(5) Blood pressure is reduced

(6) Child growth and advancement

(7) Dealing with Success and Failure

(8) Interpersonal Abilities Enhancement

(9) Medication for therapy

(10) Increase the speed with which you respond

(11) Minimize your stress levels

(12) Earning money

Some Strategy for Winning Ludo

There are some strategies to win you Ludo which can take you from the lower end to the upper back, which are as follows:-

(1) First of all, you should study Ludo and understand and test every type of its rule and follow it, which will lead you to victory with your help.

(2) You must pay close attention to the player in front of you and cut his every move. Keeping in mind the player in front of you, you have to play a mind game with him, and he will have to be trapped in his trick.

(3) Kill different contenders, however much as could reasonably be expected. This Ludo system could expand your possibility of dominating the match of Ludo.

(4) Keep the token in a protected space and move it with more significant numbers. This will help you not wind up dead. 

(5) Continuously contribute more modest numbers on tokens toward the start or are projected to run out of the house.

(6) If you are in an issue between killing the rival and triumph, consistently select triumph. 

(7) Move the piece closest to the beginning stage if you have a number of no utilization for any of your tokens.

(8) The more you move your tokens sensibly, the more you can keep an adversary from killing your tickets.

Types of online money-earning games

Out of which I have looked at four online games of my choice, which I like myself as well as they are very played games:-

FK Ludo:- This is a game that I have personally tried and surveyed. It is a game where you can earn money by playing and It is 100% safe and Legit. Ludo download link is on the home page.

8 Ball Pool:- This is the biggest multiplayer pool game. In this game, players can set their shot power by clicking the left mouse button, then dragging the pool cue away from the direction they aim like we play pool in a real-life experience.

Qureka:- This is an online gaming alternative that helps you earn money by doing enjoyable brain-led activities like showing daily live quizzes, which you can play for free, and winning cash prizes daily.

Dream11:- There is a variety of games you can choose from. Football is one of the main games the company is famous for. It comes with the flexibility to choose players – Forwards, Defenders, Mid-fielders, and a Goalkeeper to form a team.

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