Examine the role of technologies in your own life

Evaluating Modern Technology

Technology has gotten all of us dependent on it, and it is ultimately the sad truth of today. We all had been used to working manually as it was the only option available.

However, since the technology is introduced and it improved by every single day. The dependence of mankind on it became vivid as well.

There are different examples of modern technology which successfully have driven our interest and attraction positively. You might become the center of someone’s laugh.

The era today is of emails, and people have even gotten over emails, and they tend to use communication solutions. Whereas imaging a minute without a useful technology could turn out to be a disaster.


Role of Technology in Personal Life

Unlike some of the typical boys, I might prefer technology over sports and other recreational activities. This has a significant purpose behind me as I want to progress my career in the field of modern technology. I automatically develop a positive interest in something new which I find related to technology, and I tend to search. Different opportunities through which I could have a hands-on experience and obtain the device.


Simultaneously, the passion and interest I have for technology has tailored my life accordingly and my routine activities accordingly. Today, I can consider myself highly dependent on modern technology. Taking into consideration the aspect of learning, I don’t go out spending increased amounts on textbooks. Whereas I rely on e-learning initiatives. There are several e-libraries available today, and Amazon is one leading example. I have successfully purchased Amazon’s Kindle, which is an e-book reader, a couple of years ago, and today I can. Associate myself as a loyal e-book customer of Amazon as it has provided with some significant convenience and efficient learning. I have updated my Kindle several times now, and my experience tends to enhance each time. Comparatively, e-learning is more efficient and interesting than typical book-reading.


Moving along, technology has changed the way I had shopped. I remember waiting for the first weekend of every month in which I could accompany my parents to the superstores. Buy something I had been waiting for for since long. Today, I can order anything anywhere just through a tap on my smartphone and have the desired product delivered to my doorstep. Trusting this initiative in the first go was a bit challenging, but today I am a frequent-buyer of a majority of e-commerce platforms, including Tesco, eBay, Amazon,, etc.


Two of the key researchers at Assignment Writing Service surveyed different restaurants in which the respondents agreed to the fact that dine-in has only been limited for them if they intend to spend some quality time with their family members or if there is a specific restaurant they want to try out, but it doesn’t deliver, unfortunately. The perception of individuals towards technology has changed unpredictably, and they have become more dependent. But, it always depends on you how you perceive technology and its dependence. According to the conclusions made to this research, it is always beneficial to treat technology as support and assistance rather than the only option.


The Darkened Impacts of Technology on Me

While I find technology to be of greater use and support within routine life, certain points have led me to think about whether using it extensively is right or wrong.


Distant from my Family – Since technology has taken over my routine activities, I have indulged more in technically advanced devices such as new smartphones, updated computer systems, etc. Life became fast all of a sudden, and hence I was unable to understand when I became distant from my family members, and their complaints took a peak and were ultimately minimized after some time.


Increased Dependence increased my Obesity – Until 2015, I weighed about 80lbs, but since my reach and exposure towards modern and advanced technology improved. The only contributing factor to this weight gain is the technology and my non-stop usage without any breaks or emphasizing physical activities such as outdoor sports and games, walking and exercising, etc.


Virtual Connections Minimized Social Opportunities in the Society – On different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. I got more than a thousand people on my friend list, but I would hardly know 0.5% of them. Yet, I am always into doing something which could attract the interest of all the thousand people, which has led me to forget the real people who surround me in the society I live in.

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