Face Verification – Establishing Trust Between Customers And Businesses

Artificial intelligent systems are becoming popular day by day because they provide the best security solutions. We can say that AI replaces human work with machine learning algorithms. 

Different sectors use AI in different sectors such as healthcare, e-commerce, and financial institutes, etc. If we talk about identity verification, we mostly use  AI-enabled face verification solutions. Therefore, the blend of artificial intelligence and HI proves to be one of the best identity verification solutions.

To fulfill regulations, businesses incorporate Identity verification solutions for secure customer onboarding. A deep learning face recognition solution provides the best onboarding experience to the customers. Therefore, the market size of online facial recognition solutions is still increasing day by day. Everyone is expecting to reach $8.5 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 17.2 %. Let’s discuss how the face recognition solution eases businesses for customers’ onboarding.

AI-based Face Verification Solution

Online facial recognition solution confirms the identity of the end-users using their face match in real-time. It provides full proof of security to the users against identity thefts. It provides a liveness detection feature that helps to detect identity thefts easily. The automated system detects all spoof attacks providing additional security to the businesses. Face recognition technology consists of various algorithms that increase the efficiency of the system.

To confirm the identity, the customer has to upload an identity document. Later, the automated system demands users to appear in front of the camera and capture a selfie on a video call. In the end, the system inspects the selfie with the photo on the ID document and delivers the result to the back office with proof of verification. Face verification solutions integrate with microexpression analysis, 3D depth perception, and other authenticity checks to avoid online ID thefts. 

Use Cases of Face Verification Solutions

Facial biometric solutions are used in various sectors. Let’s have a look at some important use cases of this technology.

Improves Public Security

Public security is the responsibility of the government in any country. The verification cameras with face recognition technology prove to be the best solution for public security.

Establish Trust

The AI-based system helps businesses to gain customers’ trust by giving them a secure onboarding experience. The technology confirms the identity of the customers within seconds. It uses different authenticity checks, which helps to gain customer trust.

Travel Industry

Facial recognition solutions are also used in the travel industry. Facial biometric authentication verifies the identity of the passengers at airports before onboarding. It eliminates the need of purchasing tickets by physically going to the airport and helps passengers to book tickets from remote locations just by making an online account.

Hotels Check-In

Face recognition technology helps customers to book online tickets using online credit card scanning. Besides online booking, it also helps customers secure onboarding using Face recognition kiosks.

Quick Onboarding

Face recognition system is one of the quickest ID verification solutions that confirms the identity of the customers within seconds. The verification process is as easy as taking a selfie that reduces the drop-off rate and saves precious time for customers as well as the verification officer.


AI-powered face verification solutions provide businesses an extra layer of security to combat ID frauds. It assists businesses to meet AML and KYC regulations, customer onboarding at airports, passwordless authentication, and many other tasks efficiently. Facial biometric authentication for ongoing KYC helps online platforms to keep a regular check on their existing customers to prevent fraud. It also enhances the sign-in process for onboarding any digital platform such as logging in to a social media account. The number of authenticity checks ensures that the system is not easy to break and provides a secure onboarding platform to end-users.

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