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Finding the best recruitment agency software for start-ups

Are you looking for a recruitment agency software to support your growing recruitment business?

Whether you are a one-person recruitment agency or a small business with a couple of staff, your recruitment database software needs are going to be different from that of a big recruitment agency.

At the most basic level, start-up recruitment businesses need their CRM software to be –

1. Affordable

Software tools can be quite expensive so it is important to be clear about your budget beforehand. But thankfully, there are plenty of options in the market so it is not difficult to find one that is affordable for the business. It is also time-consuming to research, decide on, purchase and then onboard a recruitment software. That’s why small businesses cannot afford to keep changing software suppliers.

2. Easy-to-use

Big, clunky software systems can be hindrances to the workflow. It is smarter to find a system that is smooth and easier to use. This prevents time wastage. It also speeds up efficiency which then enables recruiters to work smarter. Working with an easy-to-use recruitment software means you can find, assess, and place top talents easily.

3. Scalable

As a start-up agency, one of your business plans will include growing your company in the future. That’s why it is important to keep scalability in mind when making the final decision about which recruiting software to go with. Work with a flexible software solution. You don’t want to be stuck with a system that doesn’t grow as your business does.

Essential features for recruitment database software

It’s a competitive world for recruitment agencies. And if start-up recruiters don’t want to be slow in the race for skilled candidates and quick placements, they need the best tech solutions possible. The recruitment platform they use must be able to provide them with tools that are built for success.

  • Automation

Automatic CV parsing and a reminder to contact candidates or even report generation for clients save an incredible amount of time. When faced with repetitive tasks, recruiters tend to lose hours going over these time-consuming activities. Communication is important and with so many candidates, it becomes easy to forget which applicant you need to call or whose email you need to reply to, etc. The automated reminder is a great way to strengthen the entire communication system.

  • Seamless integration

There are a variety of tech tools that recruiters use to succeed in their work. Candidate skills testing software, Office 365, and video calling software, among others. When talking to suppliers, recruiters must enquire clearly about integration with these vital tools. When your recruitment agency software solution fits well with all these other systems and operates smoothly then it makes work easier.

  • Cloud-based

Cloud-based recruitment software is vital for start-up recruitment agencies. It is a flexible solution for thriving businesses. Recruiters can use the supplier’s cloud to store their data. The security, updates and maintenance will also be taken care of by the supplier. Another convenience of having cloud-based software is the ability to work from anywhere as the data is not stored in a physical network.

  • SaaS-based

SaaS means ‘software as a service’ – a system where users pay in order to use the software. This exempts recruiters from having to place a big payment upfront to buy recruitment CRM. The payment can be done monthly or annually which is a more affordable arrangement for start-ups. User licenses can also be increased or decreased as the need arises.

  • Data security

Recruiters have to handle a copious amount of personal data when they are working. It is their responsibility to ensure that sensitive information is kept secure and intact. Therefore, it is best to get a recruitment software that is strict about maintaining security and helps the agency to protect its data.

  • Compliance checks

There are many kinds of pre-employment checks that a recruiter has to do. These are legal and complex regulations so having the CRM take charge of these compliance checks make work extremely convenient for recruiters. So whether it’s procuring and checking right-to-work documents or conducting GDPR and IR35 checks, a robust recruitment software should be able to easily send reminders and carry out comprehensive inspections when it’s time.

Importance of strong customer care

The best recruitment software for agencies will always have an unrivalled customer support system. It is easy to forget about client care. Most leave that as an afterthought. But having a great support system should be standard, and not an extra benefit.

Recruitment start-ups will appreciate their vendor’s excellent support if they ever run into any technical problems. And it is not uncommon to have tech issues from time to time. These impede work progress.

At that moment, you will want a knowledgeable and friendly consultant on the other side. It is crucial that the consultants respond quickly to queries and are happy to help their customers deal with every kind of technical concern.

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