Five Seconds Of Gold: The Secret Behind The Trailers On YouTube

We are going to talk about Five seconds of gold: the secret behind the trailers on YouTube.

1.The history of trailers

A trailer video before was very different from the one we watched today. In its creation, the trailers were shown at the end of other films. Its name is from the English verb “to trail”, “follow”, which without a long-accepted Anglicism, we could speak of “follow-ups” if we stick to it to the most exact etymology, or “advances” if we want to describe them with more context.

Shortly after, they evolved to the concept that has been maintained for decades: an audiovisual college that seeks to attract the viewer and remain impregnated in their memory. This structure has remained perennial until now. A new trend has appeared: trailers.

2.Steel hooks

We all watch videos online. You, your grandfather, my aunt, your daughter’s soccer coach, and the village priest. It is one of the most popular activities on the Internet, along with instant messaging and traditional social networks.

In fact, most of the time, they go hand in hand. Like everything in life, online video is laced with advertising or is even advertising. This brings us to the phenomenon we explain: the first five seconds.

3.Trailers on Youtube

You go to YouTube to watch a trailer, and it greets you with a baffling five-second cut of the 1-2 minute post cut that follows. Examples are many: Jason Bourne, Passengers, Fist Fight and more.

Large studios, distributors and advertising agencies have begun to use this technique in order to get more interest from users, who are bombarded with videos that start to be played automatically on Facebook or Twitter, as they are “downloaded” by their newsfeeds and timelines.

4.Rock and pre-roll

You have to snag and make seeing the full trailer a priority.  Decorating with mystery is a good resource.

The rise of online video as a medium and an advertising tool has made agencies, media and platforms create new formats, one of them, now traditional, is the well-known “pre-roll”. A skippable short video or a shorter one unavoidable as promotional material.

5.If you are a brand

If you are a traditional brand, it may be useful for users to see your logo and remember that – for a few seconds – you exist. Advertising works like this. Seeing the Zara logo may make us want to go shopping for clothes because we already know what Zara is and what we can expect from its stores and products. They don’t need to tell you more.

But for the entertainment industry, it is not enough. In those five seconds that the user has to see the video, you will take advantage of it to show everything you can. Main actors, general setting, fascinating shots and shocking sound. In this way, the user is much more inclined to click on the ad, leave the video that he was going to see for later and watch the full trailer.


This is about Five seconds of gold: the secret behind the trailers on YouTube. Are you ready to take advantage of this five seconds cold?

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