Four Core Reasons To Leave The Online Poker Table

A player should leave the Poker table only when he has completed the number of hands he originally intended to play in the first place. Your results should never dictate whether you should leave the Poker table or not. From session to session, your online Poker results are something you cannot control.

Hence, before sitting down to play online poker, you should always set a target in mind before any cards are dealt. So, when to abandon the table ideally? The answer is elementary. 

In this blog, we help you, the player, understand optimally when to desert a game of Poker. Now, you can cash out like the pros do before all your gains are lost in the process. We concisely give your four reasons which should help you learn when to call it quits.

  • Never Be Influenced The Results

Probably son of the biggest hurdles you need to overcome on your way to becoming a master poker player is the idea that your results matter, in any particular game, in any given session.

Because they likely don’t.We suggest not looking at your results at all; however idiosyncratic it may sound if you play online. During an individual poker session, no matter how good or bad the results are, they will have very little to do with your long-term real poker results. 

Do you remember how many hands you played in your last poker sitting? 700? 1000? If you consider yourself a heavy online grinder, it is plausibly no more than a couple of thousands. The number might come down to only 200 hands if you online play live games.

The point should be probably crystal-clear by now. Your results in a single session of poker don’t matter at all. Therefore, choosing to quit playing because of profits or losses, wins or defeats, makes no sense.

  • If You Are On Tilt, Quit Playing Immediately

It is completely possible to have a bad day. With Lady Luck forsaking you for someone else, you might have a streak of losses on a particular day. And you grow agitated. You start playing aggressively, which might just not be your natural game. You are neither flying like a butterfly nor are you stinging like a bee. You pour your emotions out on the Poker table for everyone to see. You get reckless. This phenomenon is what we are calling going full tilt.

As far as we are concerned, this is one time you should consider leaving the game and coming back another day. Cause it isn’t your time to play.

Facing tilt is essentially throwing your rationality out of the window, but take our word; even the best poker players experience the same. 

If you are doing things like: 

  1. Playing more pre-flop hands than normal.
  2. Calling more bluffs for no particular reason at the Poker table
  3. Feeling hopeless and desolate 
  4. Find yourself making bad calls when knowing you should have folded

It’s time to take a back seat and stop playing at the Poker table. Come back the next day with a fresh mind and invigorated body.

  • You Can Feel You Are Out Of Place

If you can understand the table is not right for you, that you have been playing professionals who are much more proficient at the game than you, you should probably consider not playing the table anymore. It is always a wise decision to break off a relationship before any side incurs losses. And in this relationship, all losses shall be borne by you if you keep on playing. So suck it up, and leave the game with all your money and prestige intact, and find another table more in tandem with your playing.

  • You’d rather be someplace else

This feeling is a precursor and pointer. This generally means that you are probably tired, bored, and probably not giving the game your 100%. And this will inevitably cause your game to suffer. Online Poker requires total and complete devotion, and this is not a hobby if you are indeed looking to make money. Leave the game because you probably have some other engagement that might be more urgent and fulfilling at that particular moment in time, and come back later. It’s not like the tables and games will cease to exist when you come back.

These are four core reasons why you should hold back, stop playing a game immediately. Remember, as important as it is to play a game of Poker to your heart’s content,  it is probably equally important to withdraw when you are not operating at full capacity. Enjoy, and have loads of fun playing Online Poker.

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