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Freshtohome Discount Coupons, Delivery charges, Reviews, and More

Ordering groceries and daily essentials have become accessible online. It is possible to order items of your choice with the click of a button. There are various apps and websites to order daily essentials online. Freshtohome is one such platform where you can order non-veg, vegetables, and more. They also have many attractive offers to take care of your budget. Here we take a look at Freshtohome coupons and also take a look at their services. 

Minimum Order Value

When it comes to online shopping, the minimum order value is an important condition we need to meet to place an order. Almost all websites have criteria in place. The minimum order value to place an order on Freshtohome is Rs. 198. Lower the minimum order value better it is. In the case of Freshtohome, the minimum order value is not too high, which is a good thing. 

Delivery Charges

While you need items worth Rs. 198 to place an order, but delivery charges will also be applied. If you want to get your order’s free delivery, you need to place an order worth Rs. 798 or more. 

You also get free delivery with FTH VIP Membership which is the loyalty membership of Freshtohome. In addition to that, you can also save on delivery charges with the Freshtohome First order coupon

Express Delivery

Freshtohome provides same-day and next-day delivery of orders. Depending on your convenience, the customer has the option to pick a delivery slot of choice. You can find the available slots from the website once you set your location. 

Freshtohome service is available in Chennai, Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. They are expanding to other cities as well. They also have a 2-hour express delivery service for the app users. So if you want express delivery, then you need to download the Freshtohome app, which is available for android and iOS users. 

Product Variety

The factors mentioned above matter only when you find products of your choice. With Freshtohome, you get to choose from seafood, mutton, poultry, fruits, and veggies. The products available will vary based on your location. 

Once you visit the website, select your location to see the product variety and available delivery slots. You can find enough variety across all the categories. They have the widest variety of fish and seafood. 

  1. i) Seafood

Choose from a whole range of seafood such as marine fish, shellfish, and freshwater fish. In each category, you get to choose from different varieties of fish. Baasa, Catla, and rohu are among the most popular fish categories. 

  1. ii) Poultry

Freshtohome promises premium and antibiotic-free chicken. Order boneless chicken cubes, chicken lollipops. Chicken drumsticks, chicken thighs, tandoori chicken, keema, and much more. 

iii) Mutton

order mouth-watering lamb chops, lamb shanks, goat ribs, goat mince, and much more.

  1. iv) Steaks & Fillet

They have a wide range of fresh steaks and fillets. Choose from the boneless fillet, salmon fillet, cubes, biryani cut, and skinless curry cut. The variety available ensures enough choice as per your use, such as grilling, frying, curries, etc. 

  1. v) Pickles

With Freshtohome, you can also order 100% preservative-free pickles. There is a whole range of ready-to-cook items as well. 

  1. vi) Fruits & Veggies

Get fresh and clean fruits and veggies delivered to your doorsteps. 



If you compare the product prices of Freshtohome to the market, you will see that there is not much difference. The prices are almost similar to that of the market. But the good thing is that they have many offers as well to take care of your budget. In addition to the discount, you can apply coupon codes on your order to save more. 


FTH VIP Membership

Freshtohome has introduced VIP membership to provide customers additional features such as unlimited free delivery, exclusive deals, and more. FTH VIP membership is available in three plans – monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly. The monthly membership costs Rs. 49. While the 3-month and 6-month plans are available at Rs. 99 and Rs. 249 respectively. Choose any membership plan and get ready to avail of the benefits. You can also buy the membership while placing an order on Freshtohome. 

Freshtohome E-wallet

Freshtohome has also introduced a dedicated e-wallet. You can participate in promotions to earn cashback and promo points. The FreshCash credited to your wallet can be redeemed on your order. You can use 20% FreshCash on your order. It is automatically applied to your order with no minimum order value. The expiry date of your wallet balance varies from offer to offer. 

Freshtohome offers and Discounts

You can find discounts on products across all categories. Additional discounts are available with Freshtohome Offers. They have promo codes and offers for all users. In fact, they come up with daily deals. There are also offers for different cities. The option to apply promo codes on your purchase is available at the checkout page. Enter the promo code as per your order value to get a discount. 

If you want to order non-veg online, then you can try Freshtohome. You can order from their website; they also have an app for Android and iOS users. Freshtohome has good product variety, and there is an express delivery option as well. At the same time, the coupons and offers make your purchase more affordable. Choose from the different offers and save on every order. Get chicken, seafood, mutton, and veggies delivered to your doorsteps that too at discount prices. 

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