GB WhatsApp 2021

GB WhatsApp APK 2021

Many individuals nowadays use WhatsApp to share movies, images, audio, and other media. GBWhatsApp APK is ready to download and install on your device if you wish to utilize WhatsApp with some extra features.

Developers tweaked the official WhatsApp app to add functionality such as hiding double ticks, changing themes, setting online status, using multiple WhatsApp accounts, and more. It includes additional privacy features, and there is no cost associated with using it.

GbWhatsApp Features: 

GB Whatsapp APK 2021 is created with a plethora of capabilities, all of which can be used on a smartphone. GB Whatsapp Auto Reply has the following features:

To begin with, you can utilize this auto-reply option whenever you wish to respond to any of your pals.


If you’re using another app on your Android phone and don’t want to be bothered with Whatsapp messages, you may utilize the DND feature to turn off the internet connection for GB Whatsapp.

Filter messages: 

The GB Whatsapp APK has the Filter Messages feature, which allows you to clear chat and filter your messages.

Broadcast text messages: 

This is a terrific tool that allows you to send text messages to groups.

Anti-revoke message: 

This product includes an anti-revoke message feature.

Choose all conversations: 

From the home screen, this app allows you to select all chats at once.

Spectacular effects: 

When sending photographs and videos to friends and family, users can add outstanding and distinctive effects.

Transmit More Photos: 

In comparison to official Whatsapp, you may send more than 90 pictures at once. You may also send your contact a 50 MB video clip and a 100 MB audio file.

Revoke multiple messages: 

You can revoke several emails at once.

Fantastic Font:

Are you tired of the outdated typeface? Then, using this function, you may select your preferred font. This tool allows you to personalize your preferred typeface.

Endless Themes: 

This customized version of Whatsapp also has a theme function. So, depending on your mode, there are a plethora of fantastic themes and Emojis that you may put on your phone.

Download Statuses: 

Another amazing feature of this software is the ability to download photos and videos from other contacts’ status updates.

Mark the unread emails: 

You may mark the read messages from the notification.

Message History: 

You may look into the history of messages that have been revoked from your contacts and groups.

Alter contacts: 

In your gallery, change the media exposure of a certain contact.

Best Image Quality: 

GB Whatsapp allows you to share high-resolution photos.

Share live locations via GB Whatsapp 2021: 

Users can also use GB Whatsapp 2021 to share their live locations with their pals.

Hide your current status:

The condition of voice recording may be concealed.


You may now receive notifications when someone in your contact list changes their profile image using this app.


Another excellent feature is the language function, which allows you to choose a language from a list of defaults.

Pop-up Alerts: 

Another fantastic feature of the GB Whatsapp APK is the ability to conceal the app’s pop-up notifications from your main screen.

Log history:

Additionally, the user may view the log history of all of your contacts.

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