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GB WhatsApp – Bengali Keyboard Users should Beware of the App

GB WhatsApp, a popular modified version of the WhatsApp software, is making the rounds. However, there are several reasons why users should be wary about the software and obviously avoid installing it on their Android devices. 

WhatsApp has been ingrained in everyone’s lives of Bengali Keyboard users. WhatsApp is the simplest and most convenient method to communicate and share photos and videos. Many new versions of WhatsApp are being created as a result of the messaging app’s success. GB WhatsApp is one of these variants.

This new software has comparable functionality with WhatsApp. It also has extra options for the convenience of users. However, there are many concerns about the app’s security and privacy when in use. Let’s look at the characteristics of GB Whatsapp and determine its safety.

What is GB Whatsapp?

One new software is making the rounds on the internet these days, claiming to be a fresh version or upgrade of WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp, on the other hand, is not a fresh version or upgrade; rather. It is an entirely separate program. Users should also use caution when utilizing it.

It’s a WhatsApp clone program, which means it has comparable functionality as WhatsApp, such as texting, video and voice calling, and so on. It may also be modified by the users to suit their needs.

The Dangers of Using it

  • GB WhatsApp and other WhatsApp modifications aren’t illegal, but they are unauthorized. As a result, they aren’t available on Google Play. It implies they’re not only available on the Google Play Store, but also on the web. As a result, you may encounter harmful advertisements, making it impossible to update your app.
  • You should be aware that the messages you send are not secure. Yes, there is no assurance that your communication will not be read by a third party. There’s a chance that the personal communications you send to your friends and family aren’t going via third-party servers.
  • Compared to the original WhatsApp version, GB Whatsapp has does not contain any security checks in its application. This kind of application like GB WhatsApp usually functions through the name and popularity of the original counterpart. This gives a false notion of protection and might lead to unfortunate loss and malware attacks since it is not protected by Whatsapp secure servers. 
  • The APK download sites, most of these websites which contain the link for GB WhatsApp download have been identified as not trustworthy. They are infected with malware. This reason increases the chances of a malware attack for the users through such unprotected applications. This has been resolved on several occasions.

More to know

  • If you use the GB WhatsApp app on your Android phone, you risk losing access to your account. Third-party apps are not permitted on WhatsApp, and you may lose access to your account permanently. Furthermore, because there are no well-known sources for installing the program, these apps might jeopardize your privacy.
  • The software is not accessible on the Google Play Store since it is an unapproved third-party version of the official WhatsApp client. The software is accessible as an APK file, which users may download and install on their devices. However, because these APKs are generally hosted on untrustworthy websites, installing them might be dangerous.
  • There are several versions of GB WhatsApp available online. People may conceal read receipts for particular contacts, use longer group names, transmit high-resolution pictures, send a broadcast to 600 users instead of the normal 250, and use more characters in a Status update in several of these versions. Users will now be able to see whether messages are broadcasts vs ordinary communications. The app is also said to include an auto-reply option, however, it’s unknown how dependable that feature is.
  • It’s a WhatsApp clone, or to put it another way, a forked version of WhatsApp. Users can talk, phone, and perform other things in the same manner they can with WhatsApp. WhatsApp users may also customize their experience with WhatsApp GB. It also includes a few more features that make it easier to use. This software has the potential to be extremely harmful to users’ personal information

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