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Get more Instagram followers with these 10 tips to grow your real audience

Trying to figure out how to get more Instagram followers for your account?

You’re definitely not alone. In fact, more and more businesses are flocking to the platform than ever before.

And that means more competition for anyone trying to increase their follower count.

Listen: getting real followers on Instagram can feel like a full-blown battle against the Instagram algorithm. This is especially true if you’re starting your account from scratch.

That’s why we put together this step-by-step guide breaking down how to get more authentic Instagram followers.

3 Ways to increase Instagram followers

What exactly do we mean by the “right way?”

For struggling accounts, it might be tempting to resort to questionable tactics such as pods or purchasing “Likes.”

However, these methods often result in fake followers (or worse, penalties from the platform). Not to mention, the number on your Instagram following won’t matter if it doesn’t represent an engaged fan following that makes purchases, visits your landing pages, and advocates for your brands with friends and followers.

In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of how to gain authentic followers that legitimately want to engage with you.

1. Post consistently (and at the right times)

This might sound obvious, but consistency counts on Instagram.

The common thread between many of the most-followed accounts? Their feeds are filled with fresh content. Making a point to publish daily is a good starting point for getting Instagram followers.

The concept here is simple: the more content you publish, the more opportunities you have to be shared and discovered. We’re not saying to prioritize quantity over quality, but simply ensure that you’re committed to growing your presence.

Plus, consistent, strong content also helps prospective followers get to know you and your brand identity. If nothing else, you signal that your account is active and not just gathering cobwebs.

This is where a tool like Sprout Social comes in handy. With our scheduling suite, you can draft and queue up your Instagram posts in advance. This not only keeps you from having to come up with captions and content ideas in real-time while also guaranteeing fewer gaps in your publishing calendar.

sprout social publishing calendar

Another huge benefit of scheduling is that you can align your content with the best times to post on social media. For example, weekday morning and early afternoons seem to be the sweet spot for most brands in terms of engagement rate.

Published on 


The best times to post on social media in 2021

However, the top times to post can vary with your brand’s audience or niche. Sprout’s ViralPost can automatically publish your content based on when your own audience is most engaged. More engagement is good news for the Instagram algorithm, and makes it more likely that your latest content will be discovered by new followers.

sprout social optimized timing

2. Initiate conversations and respond to comments

So much of getting more Instagram followers depends on your activity on the platform.

In other words, you can’t just passively post and expect traction from the algorithm.

You need to engage with others–followers and non-followers alike.

According to data from the Sprout Social Index, 71% of consumers follow a brand on social media so they can engage with them.

actions consumers take when following brands on social - including 89% that buy from the brand

This means making a point to respond to any and all questions and comments from your followers. Doing so is not only a positive signal to the Instagram algorithm but also a way to prove to potential followers that you’re open to conversations.

Beyond your own account, make a point to initiate conversations by commenting on posts yourself. This includes other brands, businesses and influencers in your space. Being consistently active in the comment section(s) of others is straightforward to create awareness for yourself.

You can also grab the attention of others through strategic tagging. For example, we oftentimes see influencers publish photos that tag other brand accounts for visibility.

If you’re looking for more tips on balancing all aspects of your Instagram marketing strategy from content to engagement, download our free guide to get started:

3. Craft more compelling captions

Again, most people follow accounts because they want to engage in some way, shape or form.

That means you need to inject some creativity into your Instagram captions. For example, consider the following caption formats which result in replies:

  • Question-based posts
  • Recommendation requests
  • Personal stories
  • Tag-a-friend posts
  • Photo-sharing posts

From questions to humor, using captions effectively is the perfect way to encourage activity on your posts. You can likewise couple the themes of your captions and visuals to capture viewers’ attention and get them talking.

This all speaks to the importance of diversifying your captions so you aren’t publishing the same type of post over and over. With Instagram management tools like Spout, you can pre-plan and write out your captions. This means less pressure to write posts in real time while also ensuring you aren’t repeating yourself.

I hope you enjoyed the article of thetechbizz.

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