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Gojek Clone – The Most Preferred Choice Amongst Entrepreneurs To Enter On-Demand Market

Entrepreneurs and start-ups are trying hard to woo their customers in the On-Demand App Industry.

However, things turned out to be different, when an Indonesian entrepreneur named Nadeiam Markarim launched “Gojek” – a single platform offering a wide range of services to the people of Indonesia.

What Is Gojek App?

Gojek App was launched in the year 2015 and in just two years, it reached 30 million downloads.

Gojek started with 20 vehicles offering Bike Ride to the citizens at affordable prices. Now more than 1 million drivers, today it is delivering multi-services from a single platform.

It was Gojek that introduced the concept of the On-Demand Multiservice Business. Single niche applications are great, but it restricts your revenue generation, let alone the profits.

Also, with the increasing competition where already there is a lot of single niche application present in the market. Therefore, it becomes challenging the business owner to keep up with the competition.

In a multiservice app like Gojek, there are different services to generate revenue if one does not work.

Launch Gojek Clone App in the On-Demand Market

To launch your Gojek Clone App, follow the below-mentioned plan and execute.

Analysing your business needs

You need to know what it takes to develop an app like Gojek. Identify the challenges, loopholes of your competitors and equip the app to address those problems. Prepare yourselves with the technical and financial requirements before setting your foot in the On-Demand market.

Understanding your customer expectations

Do the marketing research to identify your customer’s demands. The best way to do this is by conducting feedback and surveys to know what kinds of features, functionalities, services, as well as payment mode they are expecting in an app.

Designing your Gojek Clone App

Your Gojek Clone App should look appealing and engaging to your users. It should not feel cluttered and difficult to navigate. Remember you are developing the app for a non-tech savvy person, so keep in mind this while designing this app.

Deploying Gojek Clone App

To tap the entire On-Demand market deploy Gojek Clone App on Android and iOS platforms. This way you will be able to tap a wider audience easily.

Gojek Clone App

What Includes In Gojek Clone That Makes Your On-Demand Business Successful

This Super App is build on the advanced technologies; Build on advanced technologies, Gojek Clone Source Code is a White-label solution offering customization without technical assistance.

Gojek Clone includes 70+ On-Demand Services. They are categorized under the following services:

Taxi Booking Services

Your customers can book a taxi ride on the go. Just a few swaps and there is a cab at the door. Apart from this, the feature enables you to include a Bike ride, Cab rentals, carpooling, Corporate services, Airport shuttle services, Gender-based rides, etc.

On-Demand Delivery Services

Launching Gojek Clone enables you to start your delivery business quickly.

These are mainly store-based deliveries such as Groceries, Food, Wine/Alcohol, Flowers, Gifts, Water-bottle, Office Supplies, and more. With the flexibility to edit/remove/add the features, services, themes, logo, and pricing, the Super App gives you a hold to grasp the changing consumer’s needs.

Other Services

This category enables the users to access a wide range of services like Handyman services, On-Demand beauticians, Spa treatments, Babysitters, Pet walkers, Electricians, Plumbers, and more at your customers’ doorstep.

Buying Gojek Clone Script Solution

If you are looking over the Internet, finding “ Gojek Clone Source Code Free Download” you will be disappointed. There is no such Free Source Code. If a company is claiming to give, it is fake to cheat their customers.

Buy Gojek Clone App from only a reputed app development company with at least 8 -10 years of experience. Gojek Clone App demo will provide you with clarity of how your app will be. Customizing the features the way you want will allow you to gain an edge in the On-Demand market.

Once the order is placed, it hardly takes about 7 days to White-label the app and launches it in the Play Store/App Store.


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