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Guide On Using Facial Toners

Everyone craves smooth, glowing, and bright skin. But, the question arises, how to achieve such skin? The answer is, by using facial toners. Many studies have proved that to make your skin clear and bright, facial toners can actually help. All the skincare regimes recommend using toners because they are safe, show instant results, and are easy to use. The actual purpose of facial toners is still a big question for many users, but don’t worry. This article has all the things mentioned which you should know about facial toners. 

If you are using facial toners to grab clear skin, then do you know what exactly a facial toner does? How should you use it and what are important steps that you should keep in mind before using facial toners? Well, in this article we have answered all such questions. We have mentioned some of the best-suited facial toners for your skin type. This article is a complete guide on using facial toners for clear skin. Let’s start. 

What is a facial toner and what exactly does it do?

First, we will start with the simple definition of facial toners. A toner is a skincare product that is usually water-based and includes some essential oils and plant extracts. They are different for different skin types. Many skincare beauticians and experts have already switched to toners for bright, clear, and glowy skin. It has become an essential part of the skincare routine. Initially, when these facial toners were introduced, they were used to be alcohol-based. But alcohol is not good for skincare as it can cause excessive dryness. The water which is used in these toners is extracted from the steam distillation of flowers and other natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are known for their good effects on the skin. 

There is a different extracting process for each type of skin. For example, if you have oily skin and you want a rose-based facial toner, then it will include the distillation of rose and lavender for some fragrance. Each type of toner varies significantly according to the type of skin. 

If you are using a facial toner regularly on your skin, then you are allowing your skin to rejuvenate itself and excrete all the dead cells. Some specific functions are expected from a skin toner. We have mentioned all those benefits below. 

1. Rejuvenation 

A facial toner is expected to give a clear skin. A branded skin toner will balance the pH of your skin and cleanse it from deep inside. Some cleaners are harsh on our skin. Regular usage of such cleansers can extract all the moisture from our skin. A face toner gives the face its moisture back and rejuvenates it from deep inside. Some cleaners also disturb the pH of our face which causes acne and other skin problems. But a face toner helps to maintain the pH of the skin which is 5.5 and keep it bacteria-free. They are anti-bacterial that help the toner to fight against foreign particles and acne-causing bacteria. 

2. Tightening of pores 

A good facial toner helps in tightening the clogged pores. These open pores are responsible for the invasion of foreign particles that ultimately leads to acne and other skin problems. The regular use of facial toners is a great remedy for such open pores. It helps in tightening them and reducing their size by shrinking them. It is necessary to reduce the size of these open pores because the more the size of pores, the more dirt, grease, oil, dead skin cells will settle in and more is the chance of skin problems. 

3. Skin breakouts 

You might have heard about skin breakouts. It is a condition in which foreign particles and sweat settle in the clogged pores and cause acne. This can be reduced with the help of a facial toner as it is a natural cleanser of the skin. It not only removes all such particles but also helps in shrinking these pores. 

4. Works as a moisturizer

Excessive use of harsh cleaners extracts all the moisture from the skin leaving it dry and dull. Toning your face helps in moisturizing it because it is a water-based liquid that can settle in our pores easily. If you have noticed, the skin usually becomes tight and clean after moisturizing. This is because our face needs moisture to perform its antibacterial function. This moisture is provided by toners and this is why they are important for skin health. 

5. Works as Cleaner

Toners also work as cleaners. They extract all the impurities from your face and make it happy and clear. This becomes more important if you use make-up more often because many times you won’t be able to clean all the particles of the product used. These suspended particles settle down in small pores causing acne. The regular use of toner will clean all these remaining impurities and toxins from our skin and make it brighter and clear with a healthy complexion. 

When to use a Facial Toner?

Now, you know what toner does. But, when to use it and how to use it. This section will help you correctly using toner. 

Usually, a toner is used after cleansing. You can use it two times a day after you have washed your face. Some steps will guide you in using facial toner. 

Step 1: First you have to get rid of makeup and dirt. You can use a natural mild cleanser for it. Wash your face with a gentle massage and dry it with a clean towel. 

Step 2: Now it is time to use toner. Damp a cotton ball with a few drops of toner and gently squeeze it over your face. Pinch it all over the face and remove all the remaining impurities. Make sure you do not over soak the cotton ball. 

Step 3: Now, gently massage your face with your three fingers and palm in a clockwise direction. Make sure you are sanitizing your hands with Hand Sanitizer or Fogger Machine before doing massage. Let the skin absorb the toner and moisturize it effectively. Once you feel that your skin can completely soak the facial toner, you can start your make-up routine. 

Well, it is the easiest way to use toner but there are other ways also. Facial toners are also available in the form of face masks. Gently put these face masks over your face and leave them for 5-10 minutes. Or, you can directly spray toner over your surface to get an extra dose of hydration. 

Now you know how to use the skin toner for maximum results. In the next section, we will discuss the toner for every skin type. 

Facial Toners for every skin type

There is a different toner for different types of skin. First, you have to find out your skin type. There are many articles down on the Internet that can help you recognize your skin type. Once you know your skin type, now it’s time to select the best-suited skin toner. There are multiple options but we will list some of the best for you. 

1. For Oily Skin 

If you have oily skin like me, then you might want to get rid of those acnes and those acne marks. This skin type is more prone to all those skin breakouts and concerns. The foreign particles stick to the face and penetrate inside the skin from the pores. These particles are responsible for acne and other skin problems. For you, pure lavender water is the best toner. 

I personally use this toner and I am quite satisfied with it. Lavender is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help in cooling down the surface of the skin which will not allow oil to clog the pores. Plus, lavender is a natural refresher possessing some soothing properties that can rejuvenate skin during those harsh summer days. It is the best toner for oily skin type as it does not provide much moisture instead helps in the evaporation of skin’s excessive oil and moisture. 

Make sure you are buying a water-based lavender toner and not alcohol-based and disinfecting the packet with Disinfectants and Wipes to kill coronavirus if any. Alcohol-based facial toners are not much helpful in skin health and also cause some other problems. There are some precautions that you should keep in mind before applying toner to your oily skin. These precautions and tips will help you to get rid of oily skin. 

  • Never apply alcohol-based toners and substances. They are drying astringents. They can help you in getting rid of that oily skin, but on prolonged use, alcohol-based toners extract all the moisture from the skin and damage it from the inside. 
  • Water-based toners are best suited for you. This is because it will hydrate your skin in a calculated amount without disturbing the pH of the skin. it will attract water and lock into the skin that will help in maintaining the skin’s health. 
  • Make sure you are balancing the dehydration and hydration process of your skin effectively. 
  • Use fresh cloth always to mop your face after washing it. Also, try some home remedies to get rid of oily skin. 

2. For Dry Skin 

Dry skin is one of the most common types of skin. It is sensitive and dull. For dry skin, Jasmine flower toner is best. Jasmine helps in reducing the dryness of the skin without harming the pH level of the skin. It does not clog pores and helps in replenishing the moisture again. Jasmine flower water-based toner is also helpful in reducing the signs of aging which ultimately restores the radiance which you might have lost. You can buy any water-based jasmine toner from an online store. There are plenty of options available on Nykaa, Amazon, Myntra, and other online fashion stores. 

3. For Acne-prone skin 

Acne-prone skin is a bit similar to oily skin. But, both of these skin types have different remedies. Rose water-based toner is considered the best toner for acne-prone skin. Acne occurs because of the imbalance in the pH level of the skin. Rose petals have some amazing ingredients present that can easily help in tightening the pores of the skin without harming it. Make sure you are buying an alcohol-free rose toner because alcohol can harm the skin in the long run. Water-based rose toner also possesses some cooling properties that calm down the temperature of the skin and prevent pimples and acne. 

4. For tough Man skin 

Yes, there are also toners for manly skin types. Some natural toners like Vetiver water are considered the best toner for tough skin types. This toner possesses some incredible properties like aroma and bittersweetness which ultimately help in rejuvenating the skin. There are other toners available for man skin. You can find them on any online store like Amazon, Myntra, or Flipkart. 

There are toners for every skin type and skin problems like rosewater for hydration, tea tree oil to fight oil and bacteria, chamomile for soothing, aloe vera to calm inflammation and redness, plant stem cells for anti-aging properties and antioxidant properties, vitamin E for hydration. 


Skin toners are safe and healthy. They are gentle and are not very skin-sensitive. Just make sure you are not allergic to the toner which you are using. Toner has become an essential part of every make-up kit of every woman. It has shown some great transformations which increase trust in this product. Water-based natural toners are considered best for your skin. Alcohol-based toners can show good results in starting but they are slowly harming your skin. Now, you know everything about facial toners for clear skin. 

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