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Handle with care

There are an estimated eight million UK adults suffering from chronic back pain. In fact, the results of a  2018 survey of 8,000 chronic pain sufferers compiled by leading pain therapist Liebscher & Brachtsurvey shows the extent of the problem, identifying that almost two-thirds of women experienced lower back pain, compared to 55% of men. This not only makes life pretty miserable for sufferers but also has a huge impact within the employment market, with retail workers and labourers identified as the most at risk. Back pain alone accounts for 40% of sickness absence in the NHS, and overall, it costs the UK economy £10bn a year.

Protecting your back is just one very important reason why you should learn to handle not only with care but with the correct techniques and procedures in place. A greater understanding of safe manual handling procedures within the workplace can lessen the risk of injury not only to the individual who has been trained but to others.

Specialist training for manual moving and handling should meet the needs of regulations and legislation, and aim to improve health and safety, and include the completion of a comprehensive manual handling risk assessment.

Centaur Training’s ‘Generic Moving & Handling’ course fulfils all regulation requirements and also identifies the moving and handling principles, types of equipment and testing associated with manual handling safety to ensure the safety of employees and customers alike. Students also learn practical techniques to help with safe and efficient manual handling and the principles that protect the back from injury.

If your workplace, business or school wants to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of manual handling procedures and lessen the risk of injury,  the Generic Moving & Handling course will give you all the tools and techniques you need to protect yourself and others.

We also run a wide scope of First Aid courses, some of which are available in a e-learning format.

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