High pressure piston compressors Features

High pressure piston compressors

Our high pressure piston solutions are market leaders. Quality and excellence enable our compressors to work in the harshest, harshest and most demanding environments.

The configuration of a piston compressor can be as simple as a single cylinder, in cases of low pressure and low volume. This means multiple stages with high pressure capability. In this type of compressor, the compress air goes through compression stages in which the pressure increases successively.
Our high pressure piston compressor solutions are base on two brands: Belliss & Morcom and Reavell.



With over 150 years of experience and innovation, each Belliss & Morcom compressor has been design from the ground up to deliver outstanding levels of efficiency, quality and performance.



For more than 100 years, Reavell has been at the forefront of compress air technology. Our early engineers may not have recognize the current range of high pressure compressors, but they would certainly appreciate our tireless evolution towards technical excellence.


The industrial range  Piston compressors

Belliss & Morcom has an experience in innovation of more than 150 years. Every Belliss & Morcom compressor has been design to offer outstanding levels of efficiency, quality and performance. Its other advantages include: reliability, uptime, a multitude of additional options and a reduce size.

The Belliss & Morcom industrial range of 1-stage, water-cool, oil-free industrial air and gas compressors are world leaders. With high-efficiency direct-drive or belt-drive motors and the latest extend life material technology, both the V and W range offer unmatch high performance oil-free air and gas components up to 4 barg of pressure.

On the other hand, its oil-free, water-cool 2-stage range is a leader for its advance oil-free technology. The V and W range offer unrivale high performance up to 20 barg of pressure. Their motors can be direct drive or belt drive.
The industrial range of 3-stage, oil-free, water-cool compressors is a unique, high-performance oil-free gas and air solution on the market up to 40 barg (653 psig) of pressure.

For its part, Reavell’s range includes lubricate air and gas compressors. For more than 120 years, Reavell has been at the forefront in the technological development of compress air technology. Throughout history, it has offer solutions to all types of industries, as well as OEMs and end users.

At Reavell we offer a range of air or water cool compressors. Excess heat is transfer to the air within the cooling system. Both types of refrigeration have a flexible and adaptable design, capable of working in a wide range of applications.

Our unique position allows us to meet the needs and challenges of the market. For this reason, all our compressors can be deliver with additional options and adapt equipment gaziantep rus escort capable of guaranteeing the maximum possible efficiency of your system. Our modules offer the flexibility to develop exclusive packages that provide the reliability of a premium machine.

All of our compressors are design and manufacture to the highest quality standards in our UK factory. We never purchase compression components or subassemblies from third parties.

Since we design and specify each component at our discretion, we know the limits of our machines. Thus, we can rely on the performance of our compressors in extreme conditions, such as explosive environments, freezing temperatures and other critical applications. You can be sure that with a Reavell compressor you have your backs cover.

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