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How Are Bi-Fold Gates Better Than The Traditional Automatic Gates?

Bi-fold gates in Surrey are different and exceptional from all the other gates that are generally found in the market. If you have never seen a bi-fold gate before then a question will arise in your mind that how are these gates different from the others. First of all, these bi-fold gates have either two, four, or six hinged panels which fold up making them very convenient to use.

1.      These gates consume less space:

When the gate hinges are folded then the panels stack against each other and end up leaving an enormous amount of space. These gates are the best for people who do not have enough space in their driveway but want to get an automatic gate installed.

2.      You do not need to make a track beneath these gates:

You might have noticed that when people get the traditional automatic gates installed into their houses then they also get tracks made beneath them. These tracks allow the smooth movement of the gates on them. However, for bi-fold gates, such tracks are not required. They function efficiently even without the tracks.

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Also, maintenance of tracks is an additional requirement which is necessary if you want the automatic gates to open and close smoothly. Normally the problems that occur with the gate tracks are that they tend to accumulate dust and debris in them which then interfere with the smooth movement of the gates.

3.      They open more quickly in comparison to other automatic gates:

Sliding gates require relatively more time to open than the bi-fold gates because they require a sufficient space in which they could slide back without hitting any obstacle meaning vehicle. While on the other hand, the bi-fold gates slide back into their hinge whilst, at the same time, providing enough space for the vehicle to pass through it.

4.      Less Consumption of power:

Typically, electric gates consume about 100 watts of energy in a day, when they are on stand-by. However, bi-fold gates consume a lot less energy than the swing gates and the amazing thing is that they operate at twice the speed of the usual automatic gates.

The pathway of these gates should be obstacle-free:

There is a common requirement between both traditional automatic gates and bi-fold gates. The requirement is that there should be no obstacle in the pathway of the gates when they open and close. Any hindrance in the opening and closing of the gates will definitely interfere with its smooth operation and can also end up damaging the gate.

Deciding which electric or automatic gate to get installed for your house is a very tough decision to make. You need to keep a number of things in your mind whilst choosing an electric gate like what the size of your driveway is, what your requirements are, and what are your preferences. After deciding all these factors, you can decide which electric gate you want to get. Typically, Bi-fold gates are preferred for smaller driveways as they operate very efficiently and in comparison to other gates, consume less space.

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