How are Stadium Lights Useful?

We have two major categories of lighting systems that are either outdoors or indoors. Stadium LED Lights are part of outdoor lighting systems. Stadium Lights are often known as Sports Lights because they are mostly used for sporting events. As we know that sports stadiums can be huge such as football stadiums or may sometimes require less space such as tennis courts. However in both conditions we need better lighting environments so that the players can concentrate on the game.

Therefore we need stadium lights that can fulfil the lighting requirements in such stadiums. These lights are usually mounted on heights and therefore require small beam angles. Small beam angles are used to concentrate all the output of light at some angle which provides a better chance of light to reach the ground. The angle of these lights range from 12-60 degrees according to the needs.

Where Stadium Lights are useful?

Stadium Lights are such powerful lighting systems that they are used for the largest events where we need tons of light. Almost every outdoor sporting event must require these lights for proper lighting otherwise there will be visibility problems at night.

Now let’s take a look at what options are available for using stadium led lighting systems.

Football stadiums



Watching sports at night gives another type of entertainment and pleasure. We all have experienced night events watching our favorite teams playing the match and we all enjoy this definitely. But night sports events can be a headache especially for players if there is lack of lighting. Football stadiums are huge in size and therefore require a lot of lighting to make everything visible to the players. The mounted lights must highlight the field properly for both audience and players. These lights are set at some specific angle so there remains no irregular angles with missing patches. As these lights are used in outdoor environments, they must be covered with solid protection against environmental attacks such as winds, heat, or water etc.

Tennis Courts

Unlike football stadiums where we need heavy lighting systems for huge areas, tennis courts require less amount of lights as compared to football stadiums. Analyzing the area requirements leads to the perfect lighting solutions. Here we need smaller size lights and not to over bright the court so that players do not go blind. Light must be distributed evenly and look natural to human eyes.

Cricket Stadiums

Cricket stadiums as well as baseball stadiums are both probably look like the same game for those who are not familiar with these games personally. However, we are not here to talk about the difference between cricket and baseball games. Both are the best outdoor games. In both of these games, the ball can go anywhere in the field and players must see the ball clearly to perform any action after. Here comes the lighting system which is very important.

Providing lights all over the stadium equally needs a big strategy. There must not be any empty or irregular path of light which can affect the concentration of the player on the game and he will not perform well. Outdoor lighting systems are useful when they are protected against different environmental situations. They must be waterproof with at least IP67 rating and also need proper ventilation so that LEDs don’t overheat and burn.

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