How Covid-19 Has Had a Negative Impact on University Students

In recent days, reactions to the new coronavirus/COVID-19 have resulted in several changes in daily life. High school students are one demographic that has been most affected by these developments. This year they are confronted with problems that have never occurred on this scale before.

Causing an adverse impact on high school students:

Students’ life is structured and routine by the school. A feeling of normalcy in their life is provided by sticking to a pattern of waking up at a given time, going to courses at a particular time and returning home at a specific time. Knowing that third-period math class would come after second-period history class enables students’ minds to concentrate on academic topics.

Behavior and academic performance expectations are well-known and well-understood. Students lost this structure and regularity when schools ended earlier this month. Many students were sent home with assignment packets to complete, but it is up to them to determine when and how to complete the work.

Specific stressors for seniors in high school:

A student’s senior year is usually the pinnacle of their high school career. This year’s seniors are concerned about their ability to graduate. They’re worried about their ability to qualify for college entrance and be adequately equipped. They’re aware that numerous schools and institutions have closed, and they’re concerned about how this may influence their plans for the future.

Suppose schools are closed for the rest of the spring semester. In that case, kids in their senior year will undoubtedly miss out on their final chance to participate in championship sports, miss out on their last chance to sing in the chorus, or never get to appear in the play they’ve been preparing for so long.

“Seniors may also miss out on life’s milestones, such as attending senior prom and stepping across the stage at commencement ceremonies,” says James, a student and also an online essay help provider.

How do other closures affect high school students?

Many teenagers work in neighborhood restaurants, supermarkets, movie theatres, gyms, and other companies that have closed, decreased their services, or shortened their hours of operation. Young people who work in these businesses rely on their salary to assist with family expenditures, pay for items that are essential to them (e.g. clothes, music, activities), provide transportation (e.g. petrol, auto insurance, car payments), and save for college or other future aspirations. Suppose their parent(s) or other family members have lost their employment or income due to the closure. In that case, the student may be even more concerned about losing their capacity to contribute to the family’s financial condition.

Reactions to fear and anxiety

Uncertainty is one of the most distressing parts of the current scenario. We have no idea which has been affected or will be infected. We have no idea who may be a carrier, passing the infection on without even realizing it. When schools and businesses reopen is unknown. We don’t know what this pandemic’s long-term consequences will be.

Anxiety increases when there are so many unknowns. Fear and concern are natural reactions to this unusual scenario. It may be essential to seek treatment if a person’s anxiety prevents them from concentrating on other tasks, interfering with their ability to sleep at night, or causing them to avoid doing the things that they have to accomplish.


This issue has an impact on the entire country. Colleges, institutions, and companies must be aware of the changes and comprehend the situation. You are not required to come up with a solution to this problem. During the covid-19 situation online essay help and online essay writing service can be helpful. School officials are devising strategies to assist students in finishing their education and graduating. We don’t know what shape it will take yet, but you can bet they’ll come up with something. Amidst these uncertainties, seeking an online essay writing help service might work for you in ways unimaginable.

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