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How Elderly Companion Care Helps Seniors Stay Social?

As seniors age, they are more at risk for loneliness and isolation. Be it due to their age, or they’re staying alone, it can be potentially bad for their well-being and mental health. Several studies have shown that social isolation poses devastating effects on seniors’ physical health.

Elderly companionship services greatly help form a loving and supportive relationship with the elderly loved one. They don’t only look out for the elderly’s needs but ensure that they are staying social as well.

Why Staying Social is Important for the Elderly?

Staying socially active greatly helps to prevent numerous physical ailments that can negatively impact their overall health. By maintaining a socially active physical regimen with friends and other people, they reap the reward in terms of improved physical and emotional health as they age. Moreover, staying social is crucial as it helps to:

  •     Reduce blood pressure
  •     Reduced cardiovascular problems
  •     Reduced osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis
  •     Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  •     Reduce the risk of serious mental health issues

How the Elderly Can be Helped to Stay Social?

There are numerous ways how elderly companion care helps the elderly stay social:

Choosing Activities they Enjoy

When caring for an elderly loved one, elderly companions take up hobbies that they enjoy the most. This makes the elderly less likely to withdraw from socialization. 

Moreover, elderly companions constantly involve the elderly loved one in the planning process, which allows them to choose which community events they would like to attend, or which local sports teams they want to join or support. Therefore, their preferences over what they would enjoy doing the most will surely give them more control, which increases independence.

Encouraging them to Learn Something New

Elderly companions encourage the elderly to learn new things. Whether it’s learning a new skill or enrolling for educational opportunities at the local community college, will make the elderly less likely to withdraw from socialization as well. 

If the elderly are fond of learning a new language or playing an instrument, the elderly companion will either encourage them to join classes for it or even watch tutorial videos daily. 

Incorporating Technology into their Everyday Lives

Introducing technology to the elderly will surely help them stay socialized. Incorporating technology in order to stay connected with their close friends and extended family members will keep them busy, and less lonely and isolated. 

Social media will enable them to share their everyday life, and also stay connected with other family members and friends, even if they are living a relatively solitary life.

Making the seniors use smartphones or cell phones in order to talk with close friends, Zoom to video-chat with grandkids, and virtual home assistants like Alexa to share news or even jokes are ideal for keeping the elderly loved one busy and less at risk for isolation. 

In addition to that, the elderly can even be taught how to watch their favorite shows or movies online, or even how to read their favorite book! Such devices greatly minimize isolation and also facilitate connection. The elderly will, for sure, stay in high spirits.

Making them a Part in Every Aspect

Elderly companion caregivers have the responsibility of taking care of the elderly loved ones, preparing their meals, helping them get dressed up and groomed, and even fetching some important items from the grocery store in case they run out. 

However, in order to keep the elderly involved and at a lesser risk of isolation and loneliness, the carer makes sure to keep the elderly involved and part of everything they do. 

For instance, when planning what to cook for the elderly, they will be asked for their input. The same goes for the other tasks, such as asking the elderly what to fetch from the grocery store, or what to wear each day. This way, the senior aerobics will stay highly involved throughout and will be at less risk of isolation.

Encouraging them to Participate in Local Activities

As seniors age, they begin to lose sight of their sense of purpose as they continue on into their golden years. Therefore, encouraging them to join social events of their choice. Such as karaoke night, game nights, weekly outings to the movies, or book clubs. These activities and clubs will surely provide the elderly with the sense that they have something to look forward to each week.

Volunteer opportunities are another ideal way to not only help the community but also to make new peers and friends. 

Teaching small children to read, and gardening are great options for the elderly who still have mobility. Therefore, seniors can also be encouraged to take part in philanthropic clubs that offer opportunities. Moreover, there are also numerous courses out there that are specially tailored toward the elderly, ranging from singing to water aerobics.

Seniors can even take part in volunteer groups, where they will meet peers like their own. such type of involvement greatly help seniors feel fulfilled while also giving them the interaction that they need

Joining a Gym or Class

Joining the gym or special aerobic classes is an ideal way of eliminating isolation and promoting socialization in the elderly. Apart from the various benefits of staying physically fit, the elderly will improve their emotional health as well. 

Through such classes like the gym, aerobics classes, or even tai chi, can greatly improve the senior’s socialization. As they will start connecting with their own kinds of people in such classes. 

Day Trips

Day trips are another ideal way of helping the elderly socialize to eliminate loneliness and isolation. 

Elderly companions usually take the elderly loved ones to the parks, and taking them for a whole day out would be a tremendous idea. Be it a picnic in the park, or a visit to the aquarium. The seniors will feel up to the mood as they will be outdoors in a totally new environment. What is better is taking a friend of theirs or a close family member with them along.


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