How HR can leverage video for talent recruitment

Wondering how to boost your recruitment success? Videos could be the next big thing! Recruitment and HR techniques have undergone an evolution over the decades. But the pandemic, in particular, has cleared the way for dynamic new approaches to HR. For example, a local staffing agency Pittsburgh can run a targeted social media campaign to gather applicants. This is a recruitment model that did not exist a decade or so ago. Similarly, there are now many other ways to leverage for greater recruitment success and improved talent acquisition. One of these is video. Read on to discover more about using video platforms for business HR.

Recruiting Better Talent Using Video

Thanks to the nature of visual communication, video offers exciting opportunities on several fronts. It can aid direct recruitment. But it can also serve as a useful employer branding tool. At the same time, it can appeal to interested applicants, screen candidates, and even offer glimpses of workplace culture before a recruiter even meets with a candidate. Here are a few important ways you can use video to drive up HR success:

Showcase Company Values Through Testimonials

A showcase video based on employer testimonials can help businesses display their employer brand in a more relatable way. Employees are the best ambassadors for any employer brand. Since they work there, their opinion of a workplace is far more likely to resonate with potential applicants. You can leverage this human quirk in an HR video. However, instead of the typical employer branding, focus on recording video testimonials from real employees. If possible, include as many human elements as possible. Snippets of video testimonials edited into an appealing montage will deliver significant engagement among applicants who see it.

Communicate Workplace Culture to Potential Applicants

Workplace culture can often be a big part of any employer’s value proposition. Ask yourself this: would you rather work at a fun, vibrant workplace or a drab, boring one? The same answer is usually constant across all applicants. But how do you communicate your fun workplace culture to candidates unless they already work there? The answer lies in videography. Craft videos that include behind-the-scenes looks, candid workplace shots, and interviews with enthusiastic employees. Publish this video content on your website, socials, and other platforms. Any applicant that sees the video should immediately get the perception of a fun and appealing culture that they would enjoy working with.

Deliver a Relatable Human Side to Resonate with Applicants

In branding, whether commercial or employer-based, resonating with your audience is the ideal outcome. The resonance here refers to content that generates a positive or relatable response in the viewer/consumer. From an employer branding or HR perspective, video can offer a great way to create such content. Use human interest stories, success stories, and even content that demonstrates employer empathy.

Appeal to Progressive Applicants with Diverse Wo\rkforces

The modern world is increasingly shifting towards a more inclusive and less biased outlook. Accordingly, most progressive candidates are less likely to be interested in an employer that has a reputation for bias or discrimination. Conversely, leveraging inclusivity and diversity among workforces as a key-value will generate the opposite impact. Therefore, employers should make use of video to highlight these key values. This should position them in a more appealing light, and attract more talent from diverse demographics all over the country. Done right, you could even start attracting talent globally.

Create Content-Rich Videos Centered Around Onboarding

Finally, videos are uniquely suited to educate new hires and streamline the onboarding process. On one hand, onboarding new hires and integrating them into the larger workforce is critical. But on the other hand, dense text-based material and handbooks can often defeat the purpose. New employees may not absorb so much information in one go. This can later cause inefficiencies traced back to initial onboarding.

The solution? A video or series of videos that focus on onboarding. This will obviously start off with a warm welcoming tone. But it can also be used to communicate key company policies, expectations, and overall work culture as efficiently as possible. This is especially useful when recruiting for homogenous roles or high-volume hiring as in manufacturing staffing. When leveraged correctly, onboarding success rates can climb significantly. Which bodes well, in turn, for talent acquisition and integration.

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