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How Long Are Welding Training Courses And What Can I Expect

“Welding”- Hearing this word would fill your mind with images of construction workers wearing eye-protectors amidst the blazing sparks and heat toiling hard fabricating and joining metal parts. But there are thunderous and fantastic career options this field could provide you. To get into the welding industry, it is of utmost importance to look for certified welding institutes that would give you accredited welding training courses that are competent with the welding industry standards.

welding training courses would give you training and skills to become a certified welding technician and make you a sought-after industry professional. Welding is a great career option with ample opportunities in a variety of industries. Read further to know more about welding training courses and welding education.

How Much Can I Earn in The Welding Industry?

Monetary gains in any career you pursue are one of the biggest motivators behind you choosing the field. Don’t you agree?

The welding business, too, can assure your job satisfaction with astounding and breathtaking money packages.

Let’s have a look.

According to research carried out by the “Indeed-career guide,” a beginner or an ‘entry-level welder’ can make up to  $15per hour(₹1,111.43) !! Isn’t that amazing?

A mid-career welder can make up to $17.9 per hour, and a professional can climb as high as $35.45 per hour.

Isn’t that amazing !!

Let’s look at the average income of welders all across the globe. I am sure you will be surprised!!

According to a study by, the average annual salaries of welders around the world are :

United States $43,000/yr


Switzerland $72,000/yr


Australia $55,000/yr


Norway $48,000/yr


Canada $41,000/yr


United Kingdom $33,000/yr



What Are The Welding Training Programs, & What Can I Learn?

Welding institutes teach you the required soft skills that a welder must-have. You also learn communication skills, technical writing, psychology of workspace, and skills needed for this specific industry. You will be attending the course sessions and would be even more interested because these skills and programs are directly related to the career you have chosen for yourself -‘Welding technology’.

Welding training courses teach you how to weld metal plates and pipes in multiple orientations and positions,  the basics of a welding process, and industry-specific skills. Most welding colleges allow their students to practically apply the skills they’ve acquired in the classroom in a supervised shop environment and become a welder.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Welding Certification, And What To Expect?

A welding program usually lasts for 6-7 months (26-28weeks). These training programs provide a mix of theory and hands-on training to the students. Once you are into a welding training program, you can learn Organization, Communication, Teamwork, Time Management, Mathematic and Technical skills. Skills such as Cutting, trimming parts to precision with correct dimensions, Detecting changes in the flows of molten metal, Inspecting materials and their parts, Maintaining a clean and safe workspace, Operating and using a brazing torch, soldering iron, Robotic welding machines, and more.

Welding Training  In Philadelphia

Philadelphia Technician Training Institute offers a 26 – 28 weeks long welding training course that installs the best skills in the students. They require these skills amidst the increasing demand for expert and qualified welders. The focus of this trade school is to cater to the needs of Tri-State welding, Fabrication, and Metal Joining companies looking for qualified welders. At PTTI, students are provided with hands-on technical and Virtual Reality training with crucial industry skills to be an expert in welding technology.

The Course at PTTI Offers:

  • Online, Classroom Hands-on training in welding technology. •Students can attain the training in 6 months were both Day and Evening classes
  • cost-effective program •Access to computer rooms, labs, and training materials
  • Financial Aid to qualifying students
  • Career Services representatives to get you connected to the right job
  • Job assistance services
  • 92% Placement rate
  • Lifelong assistance from the PTTI community to the PTTI alumni.

After graduating from PTTI welding tech school, you receive:

  • Certifications
  • MIG – Metal Insert Glass Expertise.
  • S.M.A.W – Sheet Metal Arc Welding Expertise
  • Customer Service Training
  • Mentoring and pedagogy in Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, and Job hunting.
  • Full-time staff recruiters who work to find you great employments opportunities.

Welding training cost:

Welding training cost at PTTI is $18,038 (plus $150 registration fee and Insurance Fee $12 = Total Tuition: $18,200) with books and supplies for free!


These welding institutes are considered to be the significant boosters in your career as a welding technician. Welding is an awarding career that allows you to work across wildly diverse industries. After graduating from a welding institute, one can be sure of a good-earning, flexible, skill-building path in life and unique journey with their career in the field and that too without extreme qualifications. Having passion works wonders. Welding is a job in demand and can never be underestimated by looking at the unique, essential, and versatile work welders get to do. These welding training courses are cost-effective and can serve students from varied backgrounds, allowing them to showcase their talent, build their skills and achieve a successful career in their dream industry.

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