How Much Do Managed IT Services Normally Cost?

In recent years, IT has become more vital than ever for businesses. As the world continues to go digital, new IT processes help companies run more smoothly.

However, there is a downside to this. Many businesses feel that to keep up with their IT needs, they must hire more IT workers in-house.

Hiring several in-house workers has defects, though. For one thing, you have to pay each of those people full-time salaries and benefits. Another problem is their services may not always be necessary.

To solve this problem, many companies turn to managed IT services. It’s common knowledge that outsourcing IT costs less than hiring full-time workers.

However, not everybody knows how much IT services for businesses cost. If you’d like to shed light on this mystery, check out our guide below!

The Cost of Managed IT Services

To understand how much managed IT services cost, we have to break down what types of managed service provider (MSPs) companies exist. The industry recognizes four kinds of MSPs:

  • Trunk Slammers: two to four workers with a handful of clients. Uses the same tools as larger organizations
  • Value MSPs: eight to 15 workers with inexpensive services. Usually use limited toolsets and provide fix-it and hourly operations
  • Bolt-On: Large organizations that typically specialize in things besides IT services. Usually, they want to add clientele by expanding into Managed IT.
  • Mature MSPs: More than 25 employees, specializing in IT business management. Utilize distinct departments with ample specialization in IT services.

Why does this matter? Many MSP services charge you per month based on the number of workers in their company.

As of 2020, the rate for a managed service provider is roughly $100-$150 per person per month. So, if you work with a mature MSP service, you can expect to pay approximately $2,500 each month for their services.

When considering in house vs managed IT services, you probably want to know what conveniences a managed IT service will provide. We’ll explore some of these below.

Outsourcing IT For 24/7 Help Desks

Many mature MSPs provide a call center that employees of a company can use for technical help. This service usually includes remote support but also has a three-tiered service. Each of these tiers assists in solving complex problems.

Server Virtualization

Some managed IT services for businesses include server virtualization offers. This process involves dividing your single business server into several individualized and isolated servers. Doing so helps avoid the risk of unexpected downtime from your Internet.

Data Backup and Recovery

Any comprehensive managed services provider package includes this feature. What would you do if your business experienced downtime and lost essential data?

These companies solve the problem for you. They back up your data on their hard drives and cloud services, allowing you to recover it when necessary.

Choose The Best Small Business IT Support

Managed IT services offer several packages that can help businesses of all sizes. If you’re a small business that needs IT support, call a provider today! Before long, you’ll see tremendous benefits in your IT.

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