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How Technology has helped in Overcoming the Coronavirus Global Challenge

The coronavirus pandemic stimulated many societal, business, and technology changes on the globe. With travel bans and restrictions on social gatherings, a work-from-home culture has become a norm. Not just that, teachers and students have now switched to remote learning instead of following traditional ways in which students physically attended schools. In-person business operations have been severely affecting, too, with limited interaction among involved entities jeopardizing the businesses.

But with problems come solutions and so, people started making the best use of technology. They see it as an alternative to physical human interaction. And thus successfully mitigate the obstacles created by the global pandemic. Though technology has always been an important source of facilitation and convenience, in these challenging times, it has become a necessity for many. The global challenge has forced humans, particularly the ones in businesses, to come up with creative digital solutions in order to counterfeit human interaction and carry out necessary operations and procedures smoothly. This has ensured unaffected work management and better business outcomes. Professional writers from Law Essays Help UK has reported how revised business and socio-economic laws are now being implemented as we move into a digital world.

As mentioned before, the lack of personal interaction among humans has enabled educationists. And other service providers to develop new ways of communication, collaboration, and interaction with individuals. Moreover, workers, consumers, and students have also supported the idea by following remote working procedures and also opting for online services. That being said, this era of the pandemic is consider to be the pinnacle of digitization as web and mobile app industries show a surge.

Mobile apps that were earlier solely devoted to entertainment in the form of games are now being developed for marketing, business, healthcare, education, and other essential services. A lot of people now depend on these for various purposes. Experts from law essays help the UK, who have been studying laws related to the pandemic, mentioned that recent app statistics had shown a spike in app downloads. This includes all sectors, from education to food delivery. Though such industries depended upon physical interactions between people. They are still functioning decently with the help of revolutionized app development.

The Emerging Trends in Mobile App Development Industry-Technology

Here is how the industry of mobile app development is emerging in the coronavirus world.

Artificial Intelligence

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in app development has enhanced the user experience significantly in apps that provide services in healthcare, retail, banking, food delivery, and many other. Information Technology engineers have suspected that its growth will eventually lead to the digital revolution, particularly when used in IoT, Cloud computing, or Cryptocurrency trading.

This technology has also liberalized consumer accessibility, so much so that entrepreneurs can now provide them with personalized experiences and better security of data. Through mobile applications, users can address their service-related queries with the advanced AI-powered chatbots feature. This has resolved the issue of supplier-consumer communication that was not possible due to the standard operating procedures of Covid-19.  Chatbots are advantageous not only because they are capable of addressing the client’s concerns. But are also a cost-effective solution since there no more seems a need to hire staff for customer support.

In-App Transactions

Ever since covid-19 came into existence, many companies launched their personalized applications. To facilitate the users in these tough times and also keep their businesses up and running. Since it is a digital era of advanced technology, almost everyone owns a mobile phone or a gadget from which they can access apps and avail services that are just a click away.

Online transactions or e-payments have gotten notably popular, especially in this pandemic. Saving the customers’ time as well the hassle related to financing that includes; money transfer, bill payments, shopping etc. Apart from this, companies make sure they hire professional app developers that can guarantee an exceptional user experience. And data security at all times, making it a reliable service for everyone to avail.

The Fabled Grocery Apps

Among the leading service mobile apps which have witnessed an exponential surge is the grocery app. The number of its download have risen incredibly, demonstrating the increasing demand of such a service. What is better than having to do absolutely nothing other than just tapping to get all your groceries to deliver to your doorstep?

These applications offer contactless transactions, payment and delivery, which makes it so convenient for the customers. Besides, it is human nature to simply take the easy path when there is a possibility to do so. It not only benefits the users. But also the suppliers as it cuts down on employee and store costs by a significant margin.

 Educational Apps

Education is the most affected sector during this pandemic. But the proliferation of high-tech media has made education accessible to everyone without the need for commuting. Though in the beginning, it was a daunting task to get used to this online system of education. But with time individuals have been able to adjust to the new system. Also, they make the most of this opportunity by being productive in the time they have been able to save from not traveling.

Moreover, the lectures can be saved and replayed later in case an individual is unable to comprehend them. They can play them again and engrave the concepts in their minds better. Teachers are now more creative as they design their online curriculum in a way that is appealing to the students. For instance, they can use games and timed MCQ sheets to test the individual’s progress.

Education through digital media teaches a lot more than academics. Particularly to the ones who enjoy this mode of learning. They can explore and learn new computer skills and dive into various software that can enhance their technological knowledge.

Mobile apps have undeniably played an essential role during these unfortunate times by not only providing a digital solution to the global problem. But also by maintaining the cash flows of businesses and, in some cases, generating huge profits.

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