How technology helps in construction

Probably you may not get the chance to read this informative article without technology, Right!

We must be blessed to enjoy the presence of Construction technology in our day-to-day life because the person who was before 200 years may not know the meaning of this word. No wonder we are proud to call ourselves techno wizards nowadays.

A Basic understanding of how technology shapes us, and also how we shape technology is important for everyone. The impact created by technology changes almost every field. The building construction and development sector are no longer away from the impact of technology. Explore below more about the way technology helps in construction.

Know what is construction technology?

Construction is one of the fields which have originated from the start of human civilization, hence the influence of technology is seen next level to the construction field. The compounding of construction and technology resulted in the coining of a new term known as Construction Technology.

The Construction Industry Institute defines construction technology as “the collection of innovative tools, machinery, modifications, software, etc. used during the construction phase of a project that enables advancement in field construction methods, including semi-automated and automated construction equipment.”

Wonder in which way they use this construction technology? Here’s the list of major construction technologies which nailed hard in the construction sector.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This construction technology is a modern contemporary technique used in construction. The simplest way to define the Internet Of Things (IoT) is as the method of connecting devices through the internet.

Do you know even physical objects/ machines can use the internet?

This is possible by the Internet of Things. It uses sensors on objects to track the position, pressure, motion, temperate, flow, etc., Through the sensor, the objects communicate their state. All these sensors are connected to a single Internet of Things gateway. And it is collected to analyze the insights about the object, even we are miles away from the actual object.

By using this Iot we can

1) Predict the maintenance of equipment
2)Increased site production
3)Improved utilization of equipment
4)Monitoring fuel consumption
5)Track usage hours
6)Intimate about the maintenance of the object
7)Manage multiple job sites and projects.

Building Information Modelling ( BIM)

In past days blueprints and drawings were used to deliver information about the particular building plan. This kind of 2D planning sketches is hard for people to visualize the dimension and requirements. To overcome these problems CAD (Computer-Aided Design) was used.

But BIM dominates CAD and turns to be the future of building design and construction. It is obvious that BIM is all about ” I “.

BIM as a whole works to create a complex construction and manage the process of building assets. The true power of BIM lives in “I” (Information), so this information input transforms the concepts into models.

The main signs of using BIM construction Technology in the design and construction process.
Best efficiency in the process
Short lifecycle of the projects.
Cost and resource-saving.
Efficient coordination
Improved clarity
Enhanced pre-modification activity
High-end quality results

AR and VR in construction:

Unlike the olden days, using papers and pens in the construction process. Nowadays construction planning and altering happen in techno platforms and if the builder wants to be an upper hand in construction, they can use AR and VR construction technologies.

Need not wait to see, so through AR and VR you can see and wait for results.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality in short known as AR, this techno advancement happens by combining physical surroundings with computer-generated information. And provide a real-time experience. This is executed with the help of the advancement of camera and sensor technology.

By integrating physical and digital view constructors are able to plan more accurately plan about the project, so this Augmented Reality features efficiency, safety, managing cost, and much more.

The major advancement of AR in construction are
1)Planning Project
2)Automated Measurements
3)On-site project Information
4)Project modification
5)Team Collaboration

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality creates virtual platforms and stimulates the virtual environment.

VR shows the complete virtual scenario, which is not completely present.

Virtual reality is capable to redefine the building design, process, and increase collaboration between contractors and clients.

This helps to boost builders’ satisfaction and positively differentiate your business from other companies, as more companies realize the benefits of integrating VR with their construction company, expect to see these use cases evolve in new and exciting ways.

The most positive outcome of this Virtual Reality construction technology are as follows:
1)Reduce On-site Visit
2)Fix prior before the problem occurs
3)Positive customer experience
4)Safety ensured
5)Better training
6)Upgrade collaboration with BIM

Difference between VR and AR:

Virtual reality is the 360-degree complete in-depth analysis of the upcoming project, which does not exist. When the user uses virtual reality they are getting into the complete virtual world. Unlike Augmented Reality which adds the Virtual element over the existing physical elements.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the best way to create a safe construction area, hence most constructors prefer these AI machines to support their construction. The builders who run out of labor shortage, need to introduce themselves with this kind of construction technology.

The off-site construction process has eased with this AI technology. The AI has the capability to analyze the complete structuring of the construction. Thus through their AI-powered algorithms, they can handle post constructions.

The drone system is also a part of AI technologies which is future monitoring of the constructions in every stage.

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Why Construction Technologies?

Construction technology is the best way to reduce the 20 percent building costs, also the best way to withstand the construction field is to go along with the time. So by embracing the technology, the constructors will get benefit from its various benefits. They can reap the increased protection, completion of the project on time, and also better protection.

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