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How the MX Series Makes You More Productive?

Any productive activity you do on a computer requires two basic things: willingness and tools. If you have tools but do not have passion, you can get disappointed. However, if you have the will but do not have tools you can get only a little far. It is only a combination of the two that could help you achieve great things. The MX Series products make you more productive and build value in your prolific venture. This is a reason why it is a choice of many.

Here we will talk about MX keys and mouses that we use to interact with machines.

As a companion to the MX Master 3 is the MX keys, which is a wireless keyboard with a premium price and durable build. It’s simple, and with a low profile design, excellent features, and a great feel, it can make you feel great.

Logitech MX Keys: What do you like?

Get straight off from your playground and sit in front of the PC comfort; you will feel the quality in these keyboards. It is made of a metal shell,  and its overall feel is dense and solid. There are no mechanical keys, however, you can still get the feel while pressing down. It features a satisfying click with each press. The keys also do not have any bounce action, which helps with long typing sessions. Each is made of soft-touch plastic that feels almost a little rubbery initially at first tap.

Each key also has a circular depression that makes your finger move towards the center. It is a nice touch and makes the users feel they are more accurate in typing.

More improved features that set the bar


Logitech goes with USB-C here. It has a switch, with a USB-C port for charging. USB-C reduces the need for several cords that you must be required to track down when it is charging time.

Long battery life:

The keyboard’s battery life is also best. Logitech estimates that you have ten days of battery life with the backlighting on, and up to five months with backlighting turned off.

It is subtle

One of the best features of the MX key is that it is subtle. The keyboard can sense whenever your hands reach the board. It automatically turns the backlight and its handy feature gives a great experience. It’s a nice touch.

Easy connectivity to the three PCs

You can easily connect MX keys to the three PCs at once. It is a great feature for quickly shifting workflow between screens. It has multi-connectivity that helps to switch between different workflow screens. It helps to make the Logitech flow feature, which operates with the MX Master 3 Mouse to make the switching between PCs.

The MX Keys are low-profile office keyboards with solid and durable construction. Anybody who spends hours in front of a computer will find its keyboard fantastic and best to work with. Its design and robust construction are worth buying. So buy it from Games and Comp, the best online store where you can get it lowest price.

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